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Low Maintenance Outdoor Living Rises To The Occasion In Wayland MA Thanks To Archadeck

It’s an interesting thing about outdoor living spaces, especially decks, and in this case for this Wayland family, it’s a literal double decker. As much as we enjoy relaxing, reading, visiting and entertaining on our decks, they are as much fun to maintain from season to season.

That’s precisely why this smart family asked Archadeck Outdoor Living to custom design and build a low maintenance deck out of TimberTech composite decking from its TimberTech PRO Terrain Collection instead of wood.

Wood Versus TimberTech Low Maintenance – You Decide What Suits Your Lifestyle Best In Wayland

Throughout Wayland neighborhoods, it is interesting to peek into backyards to observe how families live and what kinds of outdoor living spaces they enjoy most.

For some, the benefits of pressure-treated wood decks have benefits catering to the family’s functional needs and preferences. These benefits include:

Affordability: Pressure-treated wood decks are most often more affordable compared to low maintenance composite or PVC deck building materials making them an attractive option for budget-conscious homeowners.

Durability: The pressure-treating process infuses the deck wood with preservatives that help protect it from decay, insect damage, and fungal infection, ensuring a longer-lasting deck solution.

Customization: Pressure-treated wood decks can be easily customized to meet the aesthetic style and visual preferences of families in Wayland with various stains, finishes, and design nuances, allowing residents to get a unique look that complements their home’s style and personality.

Eco-Friendly: Very often, pressure-treated wood is derived from renewable resources and can be recycled or repurposed once the deck’s lifespan is over, making it a more environmentally friendly option compared to other decking materials.

To ensure that a wood deck stands the test of time, it requires diligence on the part of the Wayland homeowner, including regular cleaning, sealing and staining, and checking for damage caused by wear and decay.

On the other side of the Wayland deck equation is synthetic composite decking. As TimberTech says in its mantra: “It’s everything wood should be.”

With its most realistic wood looks, TimberTech low maintenance decking endures year after year without fading, staining, splintering, peeling, cracking, or rotting. And with more than 20 beautiful finish options across nine collections, you’re sure to find the wood look that’s right for your home.

TimberTech Is True Value That Lasts In Wayland

While the initial cost to build your Wayland deck with TimberTech boards is typically more expensive than wood, there’s no resurfacing or staining – and your TimberTech Advanced PVC or Composite deck will last for decades to come – which means long-term savings that will continue to add up.

Maintenance – if you want to call it that – is a breeze. A quick sweep of a broom or spray of a garden hose is usually all it takes to maintain its beauty and functionality.

The best news? With Archadeck Outdoor Living, you’ll enjoy our warranties as well as TimberTech’s Limited Product and Fade & Stain Warranties for your long-term peace of mind that you’ve made the right deck choice. You’ll enjoy a 25- to 30-Year Product Limited Warranty and 25- to 30-Year Fade & Stain Limited Warranty with TimberTech.

What Makes This Wayland MA Deck Worthy Of Such Praise?

At every turn, the two-level, dual level deck is sublime – in design, looks and functionality.

With its uniquely tiered staircase, family and guests can step down off the deck from the grade.

Notably, the railing protecting the deck perimeter is also crafted with TimberTech – using TimberTech Universal Rail with a most convenient Drink Rail Cap.

Notice how the structural flow of this outdoor living space unfolds in the most interesting and beautiful ways – an Archadeck of Suburban Boston trademark.

What Can Archadeck Do For You Today To Enhance Your Outdoor Living Wants, Needs And Dreams?

To find out first hand, call our expert deck design and deck construction team at 781-528-0998; and schedule your complimentary deck consultation.

As long as you’re here now, you may prefer to click this link right here to connect with us. It would be our pleasure to meet with you and come up with the deck or combination space solution of your dreams.

Mike & Jody Chaisson, owners Archadeck of Suburban Boston.