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When we design a sunroom for your home, one of the questions we’ll ask is what do you want to use it for? Knowing how you want to use your new sunny space will tell us if we need to make specific design accommodations to address your needs. We won’t limit you to one answer for your sunroom usage. Sunrooms can be quite versatile, and many homeowners want the flexibility to use a sunroom as a multi-functional space. Universally, we hear clients planning to use a sunroom for reading, listening to music, growing plants, and doing needlework and other hobbies. Let’s look at some other possibilities, too.

Picture Your Sunroom Used as a Dining Room

If you have enough space in your sunroom for a dining table, we can think of a couple reasons why you might want to dine in this room. The first is for an overflow dining space when you have more guests than will comfortably fit around your dining room table or kitchen table. You might even bring a folding table into the sunroom temporarily for dining, especially during the holidays or for any special occasion. Another reason for dining in the sunroom is to have a change of scenery with dinner once in a while. Will your sunroom windows showcase the sunset at certain times of year? Dining in your sunroom while you watch the sun setting would be a treat.

Parents and Grandparents Plan a Sunroom Used as Playroom


Sunroom enjoyment is not limited to any one generation! Parents with young children may want to use the sunroom as their playroom, especially if it’s adjacent to the kitchen or home office. An adult working on a meal or a project in the next room can watch or listen to the kids while still getting chores done nearby. Grandparents may prefer to keep toys and games in the sunroom so they’re not underfoot throughout the house. If the sunroom is your favorite room, having the kids playing in there with you will give you even more time to enjoy the space.

How About a Sunroom Gameroom?


Speaking of toys and games, any of the gamers in your family will enjoy playing their video games in the sunroom no matter what their age. Gone are the days when gamers were banished to the dark, dreary basement. Why not set up your game systems in the sunroom and teach the rest of the family to play?

Watch the Big Game in Your Sunroom Man Cave


Speaking of games—football, hockey, etc.—let your Archadeck design consultant help you select the right placement for your big-screen TV so glare isn’t a factor. Sunrooms are all about windows so you can enjoy the outdoors even when you’re indoors. When game day arrives, why should you have to choose between watching your teams and enjoying your own panoramic views?

Your Fur-babies Love the Sun, too!



Your dogs and cats will certainly enjoy basking in the sunlight as it streams through your new sunroom windows. We designed this sunroom for all to enjoy — even the family dog. If you’re a dog lover, you know how they seek that last sunbeam and won’t budge until the sun has moved out of range.

Cats love the sun, too, and even more they enjoy watching the birds, squirrels, and butterflies outside in the yard.

We love our pets! Your Archadeck of Suburban Boston design consultant will work with you to incorporate your family’s needs into your sunroom design—for furry family members, too! One of our deck clients has a business that provides collar-operated access to doggie and cat doors. If you’re worried about critters coming into your sunroom through a pet door, this may be your solution! If we can help make your sunroom pet friendly, we will.

Is a Sunroom Library or Sunroom Yoga Studio on Your List?


When we talk with clients about the versatility of a sunroom, here are specific examples. If you want to use your sunroom as a library, we can custom design a room with maximum windows and still have wall space for bookcases. Then, if you leave space for a yoga mat when you furnish the room, that sunroom library can double as a yoga studio. With books, yoga, and the right music, this may become your favorite room in the house. Simply add a cup of your favorite tea, and relax.

How Many Ways Will You Use Your New Sunroom?


Inspiration for sunroom usage can be as varied as home styles and specific client interests, so tap into your imagination. Let your design consultant with Archadeck of Suburban Boston design the perfect sunroom to meet your needs however creative they may be. Whether you want a sunroom/greenhouse, a home office/sunroom, or a sunroom that doubles as a guest room, bring us your ideas! We will put our design and build experience to work for you.

Contact us today at (781) 528-0998 to learn more about how a sunroom can enhance your home. See more of our outstanding outdoor space designs by visiting the “Our Projects” tab on our homepage.

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