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What is an indoor porch?

At Archadeck of Kansas City, we often use the term, “outdoor living.” Truth is our outdoor living designs can feel much like indoor spaces.

So when we encounter the question, “What is an indoor porch,” we might explain that this term is fluid, and can mean different things to different people. To some, it might be the same thing as a sunroom. For others, it might be closer to a screened porch. What would Archadeck of Kansas City call an indoor porch? Can you have a porch inside your home?

What is an indoor porch?What is our definition of an indoor porch?

To us, an indoor porch is a screened porch. Here’s why.

Archadeck of Kansas City builds custom screened in porches, which have some of the same characteristics as indoor spaces. For instance, the Lee’s Summit screened porch in the photo above is connected to the home with French doors, which makes the indoor and outdoor spaces feel much like one living area. A couple more ways to make an outdoor living space, such as a screened porch, feel like an indoor space is by adding a fireplace and a TV. A screened porch with these useful amenities can make it seem like you are spending time inside a cozy interior room inside your home – minus the confines of solid walls. Our custom screened porches are perfect for enjoying fresh air and sunshine without missing out on your favorite indoor activities. They often have dining accommodations, as well as an outdoor living room set-up. The Lenexa screened porch below is a wonderful example of what could be referred to as an “indoor porch.”

What is an indoor porch?This screened porch design has a plethora of indoor amenities!

Is a sunroom an interior porch?

You might say that a sunroom is an interior porch, as well. The differences in sunrooms and screened porches are many, however. A sunroom is technically an interior room. Sure, you can open up the windows inside a sunroom, but it will never feel as much like a porch as it feels like an interior room. Unlike screened in porches, sunrooms have insulated walls, indoor flooring, and HVAC accommodations. When clients inquire about building a sunroom versus a screened porch, Archadeck of Kansas City owner, Dan Hall, asks them if their home has enough indoor living space. If the answer is, “Yes,” he recommends building a screened porch instead of a sunroom. For most, adding another interior room will lead to investing in a room that doesn’t get a lot of use. A screened porch will offer a transitional space between indoors and out – you can have the best of both worlds therein. And while screened porches can have many design elements and amenities of indoor spaces, they offer a much different experience than sunrooms.

What is an indoor porch?A sunroom is an indoor room.

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