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Do you want a pergola or a roof?

Pergolas have long been a choice for adding designer flair to outdoor living spaces.

They offer stately focal points to outdoor living designs and lend themselves to similar functions of roofs. Are you considering a pergola or roof for your new outdoor living design? What are the pros and cons? Choosing between a pergola and a roof isn’t just about how you want your new outdoor living addition to look. There are cost and functional considerations between the two, as well.

Custom cedar pergola design

Is a pergola cheaper than a roof?

When it comes to cost value-added benefits, roofs win out over pergolas. Due to the smaller amount of materials required to build a pergola, many mistakenly believe that building a pergola will be less expensive. The opposite is true. You will get more for your money to build a roof versus a pergola.

How can a pergola be more expensive than a roof?

Premium materials come at great cost. Cedar and aluminum, often used to build pergolas, can make them very costly additions. Cedar, for instance, is more expensive nowadays because of additional tariffs imposed on products imported from Canada.

Composite deck and pergola design

Pergolas can also be more expensive to maintain.

We must also consider future maintenance costs for pergolas. There will be sweat equity in maintaining a natural wood pergola – periodic painting or staining will be required. This task will either fall to you, the homeowner, or must be performed by a hired professional. Thus, future costs will be incurred.

Wood pergolas can require time and money to maintain

Additionally, a pergola might not withstand many years of exposure to the elements and could require replacing. On the other hand, a roof is a permanent structural addition to your home. It will become an extension of your home. Materials required to build a roof, such as shingles, are rated for much longer lifespans – shingles, for instance can be guaranteed for 30 years.

Afraid that a porch roof will be too dark?

Many clients, who are considering a pergola instead of a roof, are looking for an open-air feel in their outdoor living space. They might think that a roof feels too obtrusive or closed-in. Truth is, we have designed many roofed porches that establish a distinctly bright and airy feel.

Covered porch with open gable roof

The height of the roof, and choice of roof style play into how much light enters the space to keep an airy feel. In addition, color can be utilized to achieve the same. For instance, a white or light-colored ceiling will keep the space feeling open and bright.

You can have the best of both worlds with a pergola and a roof.

When it comes to rain, hot sunshine, or even falling leaves, a porch with a roof will offer better usability than one covered by a pergola. Notice in the photo below, the roofed areas are fully shaded from the high sun, while the pergola allows the sun to shine through. In the past, we have built pergolas for clients, who opt to add sunshades to keep out excess sunlight. If you prefer more protection from sunlight, we recommend building a roof over building a pergola – or opt for both a roof and a pergola!

Composite deck with roofs and a pergola

Are you ready to discuss your new deck or porch design with a pergola or a roof? Get in touch with our award-winning designers for a design consultation at 913-851-3325.