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Is it better to hire a deck builder than to build my own deck?

If you long for a new deck to improve outdoor living at your home, it is better to hire a professional deck builder than attempting to build your own.

We get it – lots of folks self-perform their own home improvement projects. There are many tutorials online, from which would-be home improvement weekend warriors can learn to complete a variety of projects. While the instruction is there, proper execution cannot be guaranteed. When it comes to deck building, Archadeck of Kansas City implores you to hire a trusted and experienced deck builder.

Is it better to hire a deck builder than to build my own deck?Would you have the proper tools and know-how to construct a second-story deck?

What does it take to build a deck?

Planning a new deck building project takes much preparation. Do you have knowledge of local building codes, setback requirements, and permitting rules? In the Kansas City area, there are only a couple of locales, which do not require deck building permits – but that rule applies only to decks that are less than 30 inches off the ground. Even still, a professional deck building and design company, like Archadeck of Kansas City, will be better able to give you the deck you want. From footings and framing, to stairs and railings, to choosing the best decking for your needs, our process is designed to deliver a beautiful, high-quality deck, which carries a builder’s guarantee and various warranties. Hiring us to be your deck builder is an investment worth making.

Is it better to hire a deck builder than to build my own deck?Archadeck of Kansas City has been designing and building decks since 2001.

What does a deck builder have, which you would need to build your own deck?

  1. Engineering capabilities to calculate and confirm footing size, beam spans, and joist spans.
  2. Design software to provide a visual illustration of the overall layout, deck shape, and size.
  3. A truck for hauling necessary tools and building materials.
  4. Speaking of tools – you will need a lot of those. You probably have a hammer and nails at the ready, but do you have these? A 25-ft. tape measure, blue chalk line, various levels and squares, various saws (chop saw, jigsaw, reciprocating saw, circular saw), saw table, various shovels and spades, pry bar, various wrenches, power nailer, cordless drill, routers and sanders, utility knife, tin snips, and wood chisels – just to name a few.
  5. Perhaps most importantly, experience in all things involved in planning, engineering, and building a deck, including acquiring proper permitting, and scheduling necessary inspections.

Wondering if you should gamble on building a deck without a permit?

Is it better to hire a deck builder than to build my own deck?Gamble is the operative word here. Because attempting to build a deck without proper permitting is a huge gamble. It is safer to assume that your deck will require a building permit. What happens if you build without one? You might be required to tear your deck down or pay back taxes on the improvement value. Do not get caught building a deck without a permit! Speak with Archadeck of Kansas City instead, trusted local deck builders since 2001. We will ensure that your deck is properly engineered, designed, permitted, built, and inspected to protect your interests.

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