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Deck Ideas for Your Kansas City Area Home

Did you know that adding a new deck to your home is the fourth ranked best investment you can make in your Kansas City area home? Over the last 20 years, homeowners have come to know the importance of having a quality outdoor living space, which often translates to a custom deck design.

Custom deck with hot tubAt Archadeck of Kansas City, we know that one deck design does not fit all. Each of our clients has distinct needs for their new outdoor living design. This is the foremost reason that hiring a professional outdoor design and build firm is imperative. When it comes to planning your new custom deck, our designers will ask important questions to arrive at a design that will best suit your specific outdoor living requirements. What are some of the ideas that should be weighed in determining your finalized deck design?

Custom covered deck with dining area
Covered deck design idea

Archadeck of Kansas City owner, Dan Hall, says the first consideration in planning a new deck, should always be size. He recommends that clients visit a room inside their home to get a feel for the size of deck they think they will need. Noting the amount of furniture and its arrangement inside that room will help homeowners envision if a deck of similar size will accommodate their intended usage. Dan also reminds homeowners that even though a room inside your home might feel large enough, everything looks smaller outside. Planning a deck that is the same size as a particular room indoors might translate to a smaller feel outdoors, so you will likely want to increase your deck size.

Couch and dining area on deck
Expansive composited deck idea with multiple living spaces – remember that if your deck will accommodate multiple uses, you will need enough room for various types of furnishings.

If you are considering a new custom deck for your home, you have probably done some research, and begun to mull certain ideas that will add style, character, and function to your deck. Here are just a few ideas you might want to consider.

Will your deck have multiple levels?

We have built many multi-level decks in the Kansas City area. Multiple levels can extend from one story of your home to the next, or can all exist on the same level, but have sunken or stepped-down areas that define different living spaces. Multi-level decks are not only eye-catching, but offer homeowners ultimate outdoor living opportunities.

Will your deck have bump-outs?

Decks of today are not just rectangular in shape. We can design your deck with custom shapes and bump-outs to define a particular living area or use. The deck below has a custom octagonal bump-out, which the homeowners use for outdoor dining.

Custom multi-level deck with seating area
Multi-level deck idea – notice the stylish two-color composite decking and diagonal orientation of the deck boards. Custom details like these can really set your deck apart. For this low-maintenance deck, we also installed lighting on the riser between levels, as well as the steps, so the homeowners and their guests can safely enjoy the deck after dark.


Will your deck have screens?

Many homeowners choose to have an open deck and a screened-in deck, so they can opt to use the screened space during inclement weather, or when it is necessary to keep bugs at bay. Screened decks offer an even more custom aesthetic to your overall design.

Custom screened porch with backyard view
This lovely screened deck space offers these homeowners a protected area to enjoy outdoors, even during inclement weather.

Will your deck have a hot tub?

Custom covered deck with hot tubMany homeowners enjoy a private spa area on their decks. This is one important consideration for designing your new space. How will it be used, and how can we give you the best use of the deck?

For spa decks, we recommend using a low-maintenance composite or Ipe Brazilian hardwood decking for their water resistance and easy care.


Custom backyard multi-level deck with hot tub
Ipe Brazilian hardwood multi-level deck with hot tub – this deck also boasts a diagonal decking orientation, which adds character and strength. Ipe is known for its beautiful color variations and is a great choice for low-maintenance, for homeowners can choose to oil the deck every year or two, or leave it untreated, allowing it to naturally grey over time.


Company design award logo
No matter your custom outdoor living requirements, Archadeck of Kansas City can design and build the perfect deck for your home and family. If you’re ready to begin, get in touch with our award-winning designers for a free consultation at (913) 704-6240.