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Does a deck add value to a home?

As a homeowner, you want to know whether any construction project might increase your home’s value before building it. Is a custom deck a wise investment?

If a custom deck will improve your outdoor living situation – the way you relax and entertain – therein lies fantastic value. We asked Ben Wood, General Manager of Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills if a deck adds value: “A deck, patio, or patio cover can add tremendous value to a home under one condition - It has to be done right! A wise woman taught me that the definition of Good Design is "The Right Making of The Thing To Be Made." To me, this means it must be built to last, it must do the thing it was designed to do - functionality is key - and it has to aesthetically "belong" with the home and the surrounding landscape. Not only does a good deck design add significant value to the market price of a home, but it adds value to the quality of life every time our clients set foot onto that deck or patio. This is an investment in quality of life, there should be no money "lost" in that sense.

The first benefit of working with Archadeck to design your Metro Denver deck, is that it will suit your desired aesthetic. No detail is lost on the Archadeck custom deck design team. Decks should look like a natural extension of the home and be beautiful among the surrounding landscape. A thorough design process should lead to a usable space based on your specific needs, and quality-constructed to last for many years to come.

Does a deck add value to a home?Does a deck add value to a home?

What questions should I ask a deck builder when I am interviewing to hire?

If you are convinced of the value-added benefits of a new deck, and ready to move forward with hiring a custom deck builder, you are likely wondering what you next move is. It’s time to speak with local deck contractors to find your perfect match. What are some important questions you should ask during the vetting process? Here, Ben recommends the first question you ask any deck contractor should be, “What are the differences between a deck that lasts 40-50 years versus a deck that needs repairs, or possibly even replacement, within ten years?” The answers that you receive can be very enlightening, and very telling about the client service you might expect from that deck builder.

“For instance,” Ben continues, “if you were to speak with Archadeck about your custom deck project, and pose this question to us, we would tell you about:

  • the highly skilled and qualified craftsmen & craftswomen who will set foot on the project
  • how we build our staircases in such a way that they will last far longer than a typical staircase
  • how we follow manufacturers' installation guidelines to preserve 25 to 50-year product warranties
  • how we crown our framing lumber, plane out inconsistencies and eliminate butt joints between deck boards
  • how we provide a comprehensive warranty (IN WRITING!)
  • the respectful way we will treat your property

These are the types of answers that indicate you are speaking with a qualified deck builder who will build your deck to last for decades to come.”

Does a deck add value to a home?A deck builder should ensure your deck is built correctly to preserve manufacturers’ warranties.

What is Archadeck’s specialty?

The message you might have taken from the information above, is that Archadeck’s specialty is marrying the perfect outdoor living space with each client. It is also making the perfect connection between the outdoor living space and the home, as well as the surrounding landscape. What is the most crucial element of this match-making process? Here again, Archadeck GM, Ben Wood, asserts, “We specialize in fair trade. Here's what I mean - People work hard for their money. They come home every day and dream about how they would like to change their deck and patio space, and maybe add a patio cover. And when they have saved up their hard-earned money and have the courage to pick up the phone and call Archadeck, they want to feel like they have found the right Company, with the right people, the right design process and the right installation expertise provide the best deck, patio, or patio cover money can buy. That’s what I call fair trade!”

Does a deck add value to a home?Archadeck endeavors to give you the best outdoor living space for the money.

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If you’re looking for a Greater Denver deck builder, call Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills to schedule your complimentary deck design consultation.