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A Greater Denver Area deck builder, who doesn’t build decks in Denver?

What gives? If you are a Denver resident searching for “deck builder Denver,” you are probably finding it difficult to locate a company who build decks in Denver.

Answers to these types of questions are never cut-and-dried. If you were to ask many reputable contractors in the Greater Denver area, they would probably tell you that they wish they could provide deck construction services in Denver City & County limits. Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills’ General Manager, Ben Wood, is here to offer insight into why it is so difficult to build decks in Denver proper.

A Greater Denver deck builder who doesn’t build decks in Denver?Are you looking for a Denver deck builder, but coming up naught?

Why don’t many Greater Denver Area deck builders build decks in the City and County of Denver?

“Unfortunately, operating within the city and county of Denver brings with it numerous challenges to maintaining high client satisfaction ratings. Becoming a highly reputable contractor like Archadeck takes a massive investment in the philosophy of setting client expectations that we can meet or exceed as professionals. This means, among other things, setting a realistic timeframe to build, setting a clear understanding of how the construction site will be managed, and how applicable permits, building codes and inspections will be satisfied from start to finish. In Denver (proper) it is difficult for many qualified deck contractors to obtain licenses due to massive government red tape.

A Greater Denver deck builder who doesn’t build decks in Denver?Custom wood deck and pergola design by Archadeck, Greater Denver Area deck builder

Additionally, it is virtually impossible to set accurate scheduling expectations because turnaround times for building permits can vary between four weeks to six months. Other examples that prevent contractors like Archadeck from operating in Denver include, but are not limited to: limited space on public streets for things like materials, dumpsters, tool trailers, spaces for employees and subcontractors to park their vehicles, and more.”

What can be done to make Denver a more deck builder-friendly locale?

“In the suburbs surrounding Denver and Boulder (for example, Littleton, Arvada, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Broomfield, Westminster, Parker, Castle Rock, Jefferson County, Douglas County, etc.), due to the absence of red tape and bureaucracy, qualified deck builders can submit structural plans and expect with certainty to have building permit in-hand within two weeks, and sometimes even on the same day. This allows Archadeck to set realistic and achievable scheduling expectations with their clients and vendors, leading to a more positive customer experience and a better reputation as a deck builder. Also, most areas outside of the City and County of Denver have ample space on streets to mobilize trailers, dumpsters, materials and crews necessary to run a successful construction project. To the contrary, many of these same reputable deck builders shy away from projects in the City and County of Denver because of difficulty with licensing, long turnaround times for permitting and inspections, and difficult jobsite logistics. This also happens within the City Limits of Boulder. These jurisdictions have been over-regulated for years, and the only solution is to limit red tape and bureaucracy in the form of large-scale government reform through active voter participation.”

A Greater Denver deck builder who doesn’t build decks in Denver?Over-regulation and bureaucracy limit deck builders’ ability to provide their services in Denver and Boulder CO.

While there isn’t much that can be done to improve jobsite logistics with building decks in Denver proper, reputable builders might be more inclined to navigate those issues if less big-government red tape existed. If obtaining permits and licenses for projects could become a timely and dependable process in Denver, more builders would be willing to work there. Being in an industry where reputation is at the forefront, Archadeck and other builders will not risk their hard-earned reputations to circumstances that are beyond their control. The first step towards a viable solution is the one taken in the direction of your local polling place on every election day.

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If you’re looking for a Greater Denver Area deck builder, call Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills to schedule your complimentary deck design consultation.