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Why Do I Need a Permit to Build a Deck in Kansas City?

Does permitting your deck construction project seem like an exorbitant measure? It’s not. Here are the reasons why.

Obtaining a permit for a deck project in the Kansas City area is a crucial step that ensures your deck construction is safe, legal, and up to code. While the process to procure a deck permit might seem cumbersome, doing so offers benefits for homeowners and the community at large.

Why is a deck permit required in the Kansas City area?
Kansas City area deck construction project by Archadeck of Kansas City

Kansas City Deck Building Permitting Ensures Safety

Deck construction permits ensure safety. If not constructed properly decks can pose significant risks, including structural failure, which can lead to injuries or even fatalities. Building codes in Kansas City are designed to minimize these risks by setting standards for deck construction materials, load capacities, railings, and other critical components. When a permit is applied for, deck plans will be reviewed by professionals who are knowledgeable about these standards. Inspections during and after construction further ensure that the deck is built correctly and safely.

Deck Permits Assure Kansas City Decks are Legal

Acquiring a Kansas City deck permit ensures compliance with local regulations. Kansas City, like many other municipalities, has specific zoning laws and building codes that dictate where and how structures can be built. These regulations cover aspects such as setback requirements, height limitations, and the percentage of a lot that can be covered by structures. By going through the permit process, you ensure that your deck project complies with these regulations, avoiding potential legal issues or the need to make costly modifications later.

Kansas City area deck permits for legal construction
Deck construction project by Archadeck of Kansas City

Protect Your Investment with Proper Deck Permitting in Kansas City

Having a Kansas City area deck permit protects your investment and property value. Unpermitted work can be flagged during property appraisals or inspections, potentially complicating or devaluing a future sale. Buyers are often wary of purchasing homes with unpermitted structures due to the risks of hidden defects or the need for future remedial work. A permitted deck, on the other hand, provides assurance that the work was done correctly and to code, which can be a selling point.

Additionally, permits are a means of protecting your rights as a homeowner. If you hire a contractor for your deck project, a permit ensures that the contractor follows local building codes. This can serve as a safeguard against substandard workmanship. Should any disputes arise, having a permit and the associated documentation can provide a clear record of what was approved and inspected.

Deck Construction Permitting for the Greater Community Good

Obtaining a deck construction permit contributes to community welfare. Building codes and permits are part of a broader effort to maintain orderly and safe communities. Adhering to these regulations contribute to the overall safety and aesthetic of the neighborhood. This can help maintain property values and ensure that public resources, such as emergency services, are not unduly strained by unsafe structures.

deck permits are required in the Kansas City area
Composite deck in the Kansas City area by Archadeck

Searching for Kansas City deck builders? Choose Archadeck!

If you choose Archadeck of Kansas City to be your deck builders, we’ll submit plans and required documentation for permitting on your behalf. We will additionally schedule all construction inspections during and after your project. The team at Archadeck is ready to help you design and build your ideal Kansas City area deck. Get in touch with our award-winning Design Consultants for a complimentary consultation at (913) 704-6240.

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