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Is a Composite Deck Worth The Money?

Composite decks used to be a major outdoor living upgrade, but have they gone mainstream?

One thing we know in the Kansas City area is that having a deck is nearly essential. Many homes in our area have walk-out basements or living areas or are at least a bit elevated. This means that if a deck is not built onto the living level of the home, outdoor living is nearly impossible. It becomes cumbersome to descend stairs inside a home to use a walk-out patio area that is not located on the living level.

Archadeck of Kansas City has built many elevated decks to facilitate the outdoor living needs of many clients in our area. And where these decks might have been pressure-treated wood, redwood, or hardwood in the past, they are now almost solely composite decks.

Are composite decks worth the investment?

Is composite decking worth the investment?

Yes, we have found that composite decking is worth the money. There are a few reasons that we believe that composite decking is worth your investment.

Very little maintenance: It can be said that a new wood deck immediately becomes a fixer-upper, because there will always be work involved in upkeep. More and more of our clients are making their composite decks true spaces of outdoor living. They use their decks for myriad purposes, including grilling, dining, and gathering with friends in comfort. Because homeowners are using their decks, they appreciate the low-maintenance value of composite decks. They can think of a thousand things they would rather be doing on their deck than sanding, painting, or staining. Cleaning as needed is the only maintenance you will perform.

Is a composite deck worth it?

More affordable decking choices: Next to that, there are more reputable composite decking brands now, which offer low-cost decking options that are comparable to the cost of wood decking. Why wouldn’t you choose composite decking if you can have it for close to what you would pay for wood? We must also remember that there will be future cost for a wood deck, because of upkeep. This means that every couple of years, you will spend money and possibly precious time maintaining your deck. Or you will have to pay someone to do it for you. If composite decking is a little more expensive than your initial choice of natural wood, that additional upfront investment will pay for itself again and again.

Fantastic manufacturer product warranties: Next to low-maintenance and lower cost to build, we must point out that composite decking of today is superior to that of 20 years ago. No matter the brand you choose, or the line that you select within that brand, you will receive great manufacturers’ warranties. You can expect fade and stain resistance warranties of 20, 25, 30, 40, and even 50 years. Additionally, you will receive product integrity warranties ranging from 5 years to 50 years to lifetime for composite and PVC decking.

Does a composite deck add value to a home?

By and large, composite decks add value to the way we use our homes. They add quality of life, and that can be worth more than potential monetary value. However, in areas like Kansas City, composite decks can add value to your home if you choose to sell it. Buyers are expecting to see some semblance of outdoor upgrade on homes in our area, and those with composite decks can be more appealing than homes without – therefore, potentially selling faster and for more money.

Are composite decks worth the money?

Can composite decking be used for a screen porch?

Yes, synthetic decking is an Archadeck of Kansas City standard for covered decks and screened-in porches. The draw for low-maintenance and value-added outdoor living applies to covered and screened spaces just as much as decks.

composite decking is often used for screened porches

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