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Why We Build New Decks Rather Than Re-decking

One of the most common deck building topics we address with potential clients is whether they should build an all-new deck or re-deck using their existing deck frame. At Archadeck of Kansas City, the answer is always, “We never recommend re-decking, and we do not re-deck.” There are a few reasons we choose to only build new decks from the ground up.

While we understand the perceived cost savings involved in re-decking, we always explain that any savings now could mean a costly deck replacement later on. In addition to that, the cost reduction you might imagine you would have for re-decking versus building a new deck would be very small. The most expensive portion of your deck is in the composite decking material, not the wooden frame. Archadeck of Kansas City builds only new decks, not because we want to up-sell our clients, but because it makes good sense.

Dining area and privacy wall on deck
TimberTech composite deck by Archadeck of Kansas City

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There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to your existing deck. The deck you had built even 10 years ago could be failing beneath. The unfortunate truth is that as time passes, decks can and do fail. With these structural failures over time, new codes and attachment requirements are put in place. Building standards, methods, and products are ever-evolving for safety’s sake. Archadeck of Kansas City adheres to current building codes, and will ensure that your new deck meets those codes. The collapsed deck pictured below resulted in injury to one family member, who sustained two broken ribs when the deck fell.

Collapsed deck
Decks don’t have to fall far to cause injury

This deck was attached to the home without flashing, which promoted moisture exposure to the side of the home, eventually rotting at the attachment. Furthermore, the deck was not attached with proper screws. Only a few nails were driven into the side of the home to make the deck frame attachment. One reason we never re-deck, is because we cannot ensure our clients that their deck frame was properly constructed in the first place.

Old deck details
Poor deck frame construction and attachment methods cause ultimate failure

Of course, we would have seen that this deck structure was improperly built, but what if there is damage that cannot be seen when someone wishes to re-deck? The photo below illustrates what could be a catastrophic failure, unbeknownst to the homeowner or any deck builder, who chose to re-deck using the existing frame. The damage you see on the side of this home was caused by an infestation of carpenter ants. Archadeck of Kansas City rebuilt their entire deck. Our crew had to go into the basement of the home, and add beams to properly attach the new deck.

Old deck details
Carpenter ants can cause damage unseen

If these clients had hired another company to re-deck before all this damage had been done, they would have had no idea that it was even happening. They would have looked at the siding, noting its great condition, and never seen what was going on behind the attachment. Then, not only would these homeowners have gone through the imminent deck collapse, they would have been out a lot of money for the new decking that was added only a year or two ago. This is why Archadeck of Kansas City always tears the entire deck down to rebuild, no exceptions.

Collapse deck
This structural damage was not apparent until the deck collapsed

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For nearly 20 years, Archadeck of Kansas City has been building beautiful, high-quality, structurally-sound decks. Our knowledge and experience will work for you during your new deck building project. Whether you are replacing an existing deck, or building from scratch at your new home, we can help you design the deck of your dreams. Our low-maintenance decks will have you enjoying your outdoor living area, rather than working to perform maintenance.

New deck with custom rail lighting
TimberTech low-maintenance deck

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