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Building a new deck versus deck remodeling or repairs

It can be said about any venture in life, that success begins with a strong foundation. At Archadeck of Kansas City, this translates to actual, tangible foundations – the structures on which we build our porches and decks.

Deck and screened porch constructionWe receive many calls from Kansas City area clients, who are looking for deck repairs. We always implore these folks to consider complete deck replacements. Archadeck of Kansas City is a custom deck design and build firm, and we do not perform deck repair projects. Because our custom deck building projects are designed for the utmost structural integrity, we cannot simply apply new decking to your existing deck structure. There are a few reasons why.

Deck and screened porch construction
New deck framing in Blue Springs, Missouri

At Archadeck of Kansas City, we know that a deck that was built 10 or 15 years ago will not meet today’s building code standards. Another crucial element of deck remodeling, is that the integrity of the home’s structure (where the deck connects to the home) cannot be assessed without taking the deck framing down. Deck failures happen over time, slowly rotting at connections, unbeknownst to homeowners…until a catastrophic failure occurs. It is paramount that the deck structure be removed, the home’s structural integrity be thoroughly assessed, and any necessary repairs be made before replacing a deck.

Did you know that often, when a home’s siding is replaced atop the original siding, water seeps between the siding, and flows directly to the deck’s connection to the home? Take a look at this deck failure!

Collage of collapsed wood
Total deck failure due to wood rot at the deck’s connection

In a three-year study, the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that there were 224,000 deck and porch related injuries across the United States. 15% of those injuries were directly related to structural failures. At Archadeck of Kansas City, our new low-maintenance decks are designed for structural integrity, and calculated to support that specific deck and its intended use. We cannot in good conscience build a new deck or porch on top of an aged structure, even if it has not quite reached the end of its usable life. The existing structure was created for the existing deck, just like our deck structures are built specifically for our decks.

New porch and deck structure
New porch and deck support structure by Archadeck of Kansas City

Black carArchadeck of Kansas City owner, Dan Hall, uses this analogy: Would you purchase a new Mercedes, and put old tires on it? This comparison is a perfect representation of why we do not put our new composite decking or hardwood decking on top of an aging deck structure.

New deck structure and composite decking
Brand new deck structure and composite decking in Blue Springs, MO

Many times, our clients wish to completely reconfigure their existing deck to better serve their outdoor living needs. Sometimes, however, clients wish to rebuild the exact same deck. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” right? When it comes to usability, YES!

Custom deck with outdoor kitchen and railing
New composite deck in Lee’s Summit, MO, by Archadeck of Kansas City

Archadeck of Kansas City can rebuild your deck from the ground up, on the exact footprint and configuration of your existing deck. We will upgrade your pressure-treated wood deck to exotic Ipe hardwood or composite decking by companies like TimberTech®, AZEK, or Fiberon, which will last for many years to come, all applied to a new solid deck foundation!

Company design award logo
Are you ready to say, “Out with the old, and in with the new deck?” Archadeck of Kansas City has been designing and building high-quality custom decks since 2001. If you’re ready to begin, get in touch with our award-winning designers for a design consultation at (913) 704-6240.