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Stylish and Charming Porch Ceilings

When you are dreaming about your future porch do you ever consider the ceiling finish?

You should because the material you pick, the finish your choose can add style and charm to your porch’s interior. Here are the typical porch ceiling finishes that add and enhance the look of your porch.

Ceiling finishes, just like other design elements of open porches and screened porches, are a reflection of our clients’ personal style. The ceiling can be understated and traditional, or dramatic looking, depending on the aesthetic you wish to achieve. Take a look at these five different varieties of porch ceilings.

Plywood porch ceiling

Probably the most typical porch ceiling covering, plywood can be painted. We recommend a quality exterior grade plywood be used as it is susceptible to moisture and will separate if wet over time. I’d prime the edges as well to keep out moisture.

Winston Salem porch
Winston Salem screened porch with painted plywood ceiling

Beadboard porch ceiling

A mainstay for ceilings, beadboard panels are easy to install. Beadboard can also be painted or stained and will really add warmth to your porch. Beadboard panels can be applied directly over exposed joists (if the joists run parallel to your home. This finish with exposed rafters reflects a more rustic style.

bead board screened porch ceiling
Winston Salem porch with bead board ceiling

Vinyl beadboard porch ceiling

Vinyl beadboard is virtually maintenance-free. It looks clean and comes in a few color choices for those homeowners who want low maintenance.  You might want to leave the rafters exposed and wrap them with vinyl for a stylish finish.

vinyl bead board ceiling
Sun porch with vinyl beadboard ceiling finish

Tongue and groove porch ceiling

Perhaps the most beautiful of all ceiling materials, tongue and groove comes in a variety of woods, can be custom-made to your specifications, and looks fantastic. Tongue and groove boards come in various widths also. Normally, tongue and groove ceilings are stained. Don’t forget to add skylights for extra light particularly in a shady location. Also fans today come in a wide variety of styles and can put that final touch on your porch.

tongue and groove porch ceiling
Tongue and groove porch ceiling in Greensboro

Southern blue porch ceiling

Here in the South, we like to the old custom of painting your porch ceiling blue to keep away evil spirits and also wasps from building nests because they are confused and think it is the sky.

blue porch ceiling
Eze-Breeze porch with blue porch ceiling

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