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Reasons fall and winter are great times to build your wood deck

There is really nothing quite like the real thing. Wood decks bring a classic feel to any outdoor living space.

When it comes to achieving the warm rich variance of tones and textures in your outdoor space, wood is the original and it still steals the spotlight. Synthetic materials are constantly trying to mimic the look and feel of real wood. Even with their low-maintenance and longevity value, let’s be honest, there is nothing that looks as much like real wood as real wood. Natural wood is the backbone of building. The desire to have a deck made of wood has never diminished.

Wood deck
This lakefront natural wood deck is right at home in this natural setting.

In our quest to use natural wood when building an outdoor structure, there is a wide array of wood mediums to use. Every type of wood is coveted for its individual characteristics. For example pressure treated wood is economical and it looks great as long as it is maintained. More exotic hardwoods such as Ipe offer unique streaking and deep rich tones that are strong and require little maintenance. Regardless of the type of wood you use to build your outdoor oasis, now is the perfect time to plan for your project. When working with wood fall and winter are the best time to build for many reasons.

A time to every season

Like the many positive attributes that go along with aging of a good bottle of wine, wood also requires a time period to cure. The laws of expansion and contraction all apply when it comes to working with wood. All wood is hygroscopic, meaning that when exposed to air, it will release or pick up moisture until it is level with the humidity and temperature of the air. Humid conditions, such as the summers here in the Triad area, will cause more rapid expansion and contraction of wood that is not yet sealed for protection against the elements. A structure built from wood needs to cure for a period of time before the sealer or paint will properly adhere to the wood and promote beneficial protection qualities. By choosing to build during the least humid time of year, your wooden structure will have ample time to cure in preparation to accept the sealer or paint you choose. When spring arrives and the outdoor living season gets underway your structure will be cured, sealed and ready to enjoy without having the undue stress of extreme heat and humidity exposure during the early stages of it’s construction.

Wooden deck and pergola
This wooden deck and pergola is built from natural wood, the aesthetic proves that there is nothing like the real thing.

Building your wood deck now is a great value

Not only do wood prices decrease during the fall and winter due to supply and demand, we are able to pass that savings onto our customers too. Choosing to start a project will ensure a better value than waiting until prime outdoor living time because more homeowners will be starting their projects and this will increase supply and demand. Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad also offers special winter pricing for customers during the fall and winter. If your budget is holding you back we also offer 12-month same as cash for qualified homeowners although it cannot be combined with our winter pricing.

Set the stage for future projects and reap the benefits

Covered deckOur staged building program combined with our special winter pricing may be just the lifestyle lift you need to move forward with your outdoor living dreams. We can build your deck or other structure transformation ready for an easy conversion into a 3- or 4-season room or screened porch when your budget allows. Our phased building means the ground work of structural and foundation support is put into place for an easy upgrade down the road. This program is especially economical if you choose to complete the initial phase during the fall and winter to take advantage of special pricing and benefits.

Our mild NC winters will give you many opportunities to enjoy your new deck. When the time is right to begin the transformation into your next phase of outdoor living the stage is set. Preparing the foundation of your space in advance means a quicker project time with no hidden interference or obstacles.

If you are on the fence about beginning your outdoor project, now it the best time to benefit from building a wooden outdoor structure. Moving forward will ensure proper timing, less wait time and it will be easier on your wallet. A custom wooden outdoor structure also makes the perfect gift for the holidays, maybe a pergola to create a garden sanctuary for that special someone? Outdoor spaces are the gift that keeps giving for years to come!

Archadeck teamIf you are considering building a wood deck, now is a great time to get started. Give us a call for a free consultation at (336) 568-8230, drop us an email or fill out a contact form on this website. We look forward to your call.