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What is the best porch screen system?

Archadeck of Kansas City has been designing and building custom screened porches for nearly 20 years, and we use only the best porch screen system. Because…well, pets.

There are more than a few porch screening systems available on the market today. Even with a vast selection of screens to choose from, Archadeck of Kansas City only recommends and uses PetScreen®, cat and dog proof screening. You’ll be glad we do!

the best porch screen
PetScreen is the best porch screening system

What makes PetScreen the best porch screen system?

Making an investment in a screened porch for your Kansas City area home means choosing products that endure the test of time. This might mean choosing to build a composite screened porch in lieu of pressure-treated wood, for a long-lived, low-maintenance outdoor living space. For Archadeck of Kansas City, this also equates to investing in PetScreen for all our screened porches. Pet-resistant porch screens are a wise choice for many reasons. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the average number of dogs per pet-owning household is 1.6, and the number of cats per pet-owning households is 1.8. Pet-resistant screening is an essential added investment, because puppies have sharp teeth and cats have sharp claws. In addition to teeth and claws, pets tend to not see screening, and often attempt to walk right through. If this happens with PetScreen, you can rest assured that your screening will hold up against the impact – even for large dog breeds. PetScreen is SEVEN times stronger than standard insect porch screening.

best porch screening system
PetScreen is durable and resistant to teeth, claws, and impact

Your enclosed screened porch should feel like a safe space.

It’s not just pets that PetScreen holds up to. Wild animals don’t stand a chance against PetScreen porch screening either. Whether it’s squirrels, raccoons, or other less-savory woodland creatures, your PetScreen will protect your enclosed porch from outdoor intruders. Lesser porch screening products could allow for squirrels to quickly chew through a corner, leaving your space unprotected from rodents and other wildlife. PetScreen is an investment in your peace of mind, keeping your porch free from animals other than pets.

best porch screening, PetScreen
Invest in the best porch screens, PetScreen

Is PetScreen opaque?

You would think that a screening system designed to resist tears and impacts would be less transparent than other brands. Fortunately for you, your new Kansas City area screened porch will not suffer from lack of views. While PetScreen porch screens are incredibly strong, they also provide excellent outward visibility.

Lees Summit porch with PetScreen
Outward views abound inside PetScreen porch screening

PetScreen also offers privacy.

While you will have an open view from inside your porch, PetScreen offers privacy from outside your porch. The thickness of the screening and tightness of the weave will keep the inside of your porch much more private than lesser screening systems.

porch screening for privacy
PetScreen – you can see out, but others cannot see in

Looking for a low-maintenance screening solution that you never have to change?

Another fantastic benefit of PetScreen is that it is virtually maintenance free. Some homeowners have asked us what is the best screening to install on their new porch, which can be easily changed out. With PetScreen, you needn’t worry about future plans for changing your porch screens. Using aluminum trim to install your PetScreen will not only give you maintenance-free porch screening, but it will give you permanent screening. Forget about annual maintenance, repairs, or switching out screen panels every couple of years.

PetScreen does not require changing
Don’t worry about having to switch out your screens in a few years with premium PetScreen

A Synopsis of What Makes PetScreen the Best Porch Screening System

PetScreen’s superior construction consists of a specially coated polyester screening material. Adding a vinyl coating to the super-woven polyester mesh makes PetScreen extremely durable against pet claws and teeth, as well as those of wildlife. If you have ever had a screened in porch with a lesser screening product, you might have experienced breaches from within or without – and no one likes a torn porch screen! One small hole can ruin your entire porch-living experience. You will notice right away that pests begin to enter. In the spring and summer, that might mean mosquitoes and ticks. In the fall, you might suffer a stink bug invasion in your outdoor sanctuary.

This porch screening system:

  • Is tear-resistant
  • Is puncture-resistant
  • Is perfect for high-traffic spaces
  • Comes in black and gray finishes
  • Is available in widths from 30” – 60” and 72” – 96” (black only)

What does this mean for pet-loving households?

On a PetScreen screened in porch, your pets can enjoy fresh air without supervision. Creating a pet-friendly space will not only offer your pets more time outdoors, but it will free up time for you in that they can roam freely about the space unattended. But it also means that you needn’t fret about wildlife invasions, nor pests, which can be detrimental to their health.

To us, the best porch screening system is one that not only lasts, but also provides the best use of your outdoor space for you and for your pets.

Design award
Screened porches are our most popular building projects at Archadeck of Kansas City. Clients, who are considering a new screened porch, often ask, “What is the best porch screening system?" Our answer is always, “PetScreen.” Let’s talk about the perfect screened porch for your needs! Get in touch with the award-winning designers at Archadeck of Kansas City for a design consultation at (913) 286-7132 or drop us an email.