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Are there still mold problems with composite decking?

As a trusted Kansas City deck builder, Archadeck of Kansas City builds with low-maintenance composite decking, and we would like to address this very important question to further inform our clients of the benefits of the new generation of composite decking.

As with any new innovative product technology, composite decking came onto the outdoor living scene more than 20 years ago with high expectations and some skepticism. Low-maintenance, long-lasting decking products made from post-consumer materials seemed to finally be the answer to traditional wood decking, which required maintenance in periodic staining and sealing and had other less desirable qualities, like splintering, cupping, cracking, and potential damage from termites. Were these composite products really the answer? Yes…eventually. Composite decking materials of today, like AZEK and TimberTech are answering the call.

Custom backyard cozy deck
Low-maintenance AZEK composite decking in Lee’s Summit MO

Upon wide acceptance of earlier composite decking products, builders and consumers began to see some unfortunate problems during and after installation. First, the product itself, made of discarded plastics and wood fibers, did not often exhibit the same strength as wood. The product required additional deck framing support, which raised the initial cost to build, married with an already higher product cost. The next issues came after installation. Reports started to surface about mold, mildew, product break-down, and discoloration in as little as six months after installation.

The proverb says, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The need to eliminate these problems in post-consumer decking products bred the new composite and PVC products that are widely used today. It was an evolution, however, and each generation of new composite products became better, stronger, and even more beautiful than before!

Minimalist couch on custom deck
Beautiful and low-maintenance TimberTech composite deck in Lee’s Summit MO

Ten years after the introduction of composite decking, new technologies in manufacturing began to address the issues of strength, weathering, and mold. First, stronger product mixtures were created with PVC and organic materials. Secondly, and very importantly, a new “capping” technology was introduced. This basically meant that the compacted materials that formed the decking board were protected with a stronger plastic shell.

In composite decking boards of today, you will find that many are covered with a cap – some on three or even all four sides. This protective shell creates a fantastic weather barrier and a decking product that resists color fading, scratching, impact, and mold. Capping not only protects the decking board but makes cleaning any sort of dirt, grime, or mildew build-up very easy. As your trusted Kansas City deck builder, Archadeck of Kansas City largely builds with AZEK and TimberTech composite decking; both products boast true low-maintenance benefits, along with heat dissipation and the advantages mentioned above. What’s more, these products come in a wide array of beautiful wood-look finishes and color choices to accommodate any deck building project.

Archadeck of Kansas City uses only the highest quality PVC and composite decking. We aim to give you a true low-maintenance, long-lasting, and beautiful deck. TimberTech and AZEK composite and PVC decking products are backed by manufacturer warranties and guarantees. If you have questions about product capabilities and characteristics, we can help guide you through choosing the product that is right for you.

If you are considering adding a composite deck to your Kansas City area home, give us a call for a free consultation at (913) 704-6240 or drop us an email. We look forward to working with you to design the perfect new outdoor living space for your home.