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Switching out a Lenexa KS cedar deck for Ipe

This Lenexa family had an old cedar deck that was rotted and had problems. It was time for a new deck. They liked having a natural wood deck but they wanted something that was exceptionally durable. They were also looking for a larger deck for entertainment and to fit more people.

Wet floor deck
This Lenexa KS Ipe deck is sealed to maintain the beautiful color.

Ipe is one of the most durable woods available. It’s durability and strength come from it density and hardness. Various woods’ hardness is measured on a scale called the Janka hardness scale. Western Red Cedar has a hardness rating of just under 600 – 800 whereas Ipe has a rating of about 3700 on the same scale making Ipe the perfect choice for these homeowners looking for a durable natural wood deck.

Deck wet floor
This close-up of the Lenexa KS Ipe deck shows the beautiful dark color and the color variety in the different boards.

As you can see in the picture above, Ipe has a strikingly dark and rich color. This family really liked the dark color. One consideration to make when selecting a decking material or other materials for your outdoor living space is maintenance. Natural wood is beautiful and as I always say nothing looks as much like real wood as wood itself. But unlike composites or other synthetic outdoor building materials, natural wood requires sealing and may require staining based on personal taste preferences. The maintenance frequency will depend highly on weather, the amount of direct sunlight affecting the space, and use or traffic on the space. Wood decks whether cedar, pressure-treated pine, or Ipe may require maintenance every 1-2 years. Treating and maintaining Ipe is a little different than other natural woods. Ipe is treated with an oil that seals the wood and helps it to maintain its rich dark color.

Deck railing
This Ipe deck has black composite TimberTech Radiance rail.

Deck railingFor low-maintenance railing, the family selected black composite TimberTech radiance rail. This railing has a beautiful narrow profile which along with the dark color directs the eye easily to the area beyond the deck. TimberTech Radiance rail comes in several different colors. This family really liked the high-end look of this railing.

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