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Keep The Home Fires Burning With An Outdoor Fireplace

I know you have all noticed the beautiful outdoor fireplaces that are all over town and in every home and garden magazine on the bookshelf. You have probably pictured yourself and your family nestled around the warm, crackling fire under the stars sipping on a cup of something yummy and relaxing in the moment. The appearance of outdoor fireplaces is becoming increasingly popular. The addition of this type of structure can add value to your home and also give you many years of enjoyment. An outdoor fireplace can make the outdoor habits you avoid during the cooler months a welcome end to a long day, even in the winter.

Outdoor Fireplace

Alongside other outdoor structures the outdoor fireplace is the “glue” that holds everything together. When considering an outdoor fireplace you first have to decide on the exact spot where you want your fireplace. The spot should be far enough away from the home, plants and other flammable structures as possible. This does not mean your fireplace cannot be built alongside or incorporated into a deck or outdoor structure. Local and state building codes have guidelines set for height requirements and setbacks, your professional Archadeck installer will be able to help you with the placement of your outdoor fireplace to ensure it is safe as well as beautiful. You also need to take into consideration your surroundings that will be blocked by the fireplace. A see-through outdoor fireplace is an option for homeowners that don’t want to block the view of that serene garden or tranquil water feature.

Sunroom with Fireplace

You want to choose a fireplace design that fits in scale with the size of your yard and your home. If there is stone or stucco on your home, you may consider incorporating these to complement the surroundings. You can also bring in architectural elements into the shape of your chimney or mantle. You want the structure to blend and become a natural looking part of your outdoor area.

You also need to decide what you want the fireplace to be used for. Are you interested in an intimate area to create ambiance or a focal point to anchor an outdoor room? If you entertain larger groups of people often you will want the scale a bit grander, because people tend to gravitate toward the warmth of the fire, especially in cooler months. In this case you may even consider dual fireplaces places across from one another.

Right now is a great time to plan and even have Archadeck install your outdoor fireplace. With the drier and more hospitable weather conditions afoot, now is the time to start pouring those foundations and gathering the firewood. In many parts of the country an outdoor fireplace can be used year round. Even in the west where the temperatures soar, you can still enjoy some conversation and cocoa on those chilly western nights.

Outdoor fireplaces create a feeling of romance. The glow of the flickering fire invites you to sit down and relax. The flickering fire can be achieved using gas or by burning wood, the choice is yours Today’s fireplaces can even have built-in seating such as curved stone, which is beautiful and functional. Contact your local Archadeck today to see just how easy it can be to keep the home fires burning by carving out your own little slice of heaven.