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Five Easy Steps to 5-Star Outdoor Living Spaces in Central Iowa...despite COVID-19

Published May 17th, 2020.
Updated June 7th, 2020.

As our lifestyles are evolving with the coronavirus pandemic, our priorities are becoming more home- and family-based. Nothing wrong with that. Except…maybe…some aspects of your home may not be up for that. Like, maybe your outdoor living spaces. You may need fresh space…more space…and where better to get that than outdoors? I’m not telling you this to “sell” you this. You are telling me this.

Picture of deck sent by client Over the past few weeks , we’ve seen and heard from our Des Moines-area clients using their new (-ish) Archadeck decks, porches and patios for anything from office space to family theatre space to classroom space to stress-relief space. Not to mention, the outdoor kitchen for all the extra cooking thats happening with everyone home. And new this last week, a past client said they were using their Archadeck deck and porch space as the wedding venue for their son’s wedding. All in the safety and comfort of their homes.

And we’ve been hearing from a lot (a record level of “lot”) of you who now – because you are becoming more “home-focused” in both your professional and social lives – see these same needs and desires for your outdoor living spaces (and we hear, other home improvement projects). This quick and unexpected change from just 2 months ago when the pandemic was greatly diminishing demand and threatening the very survival of many businesses, including ours, has been challenging for us to adjust to as quickly, both in meeting interest demand and in extending project production timelines. But, adjusting and ramping up we are…to pre-vaccine life with the coronavirus and the longer-term impact on society, culture and our business. So, while the 5 easy steps noted here are easy, we ask for your understanding, patience and support as we step thru them. I previously suggested a “get ahead of it” approach, and that is still encouraged..with patience.

Custom screened porch looking like home office

I’m fully aware of – and empathetic with – the dichotomy of this situation given the loss of lives, jobs and economic security that (too) many of us have endured and will continue to endure, hopefully at lower-levels with continued safe-distancing and cleanliness practices, until the virus is overcome. Our role has always been to be the most-trusted advisor and provider of outdoor living spaces that accommodate the lifestyle you want at home. In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, we are refocusing our efforts in fulfilling our role, to be responsive as possible to the quickly-evolving demands of our society and culture. And with that, to make it as easy as possible to take you from phone call to 5-star backyard makeover…in these 5 easy steps:

  • Contact Archadeck of Central Iowa (the first step is so important to getting on the right path)
  • Complimentary Design Consultation (made even easier today with virtual consultations)
  • Collaboratively Develop Design and Specifications, Sign-off and Contract (much of which can also be done virtually)
    • Archadeck specializes in the design and building of custom outdoor living spaces; as much as we would like to serve every need, its not practical for us to be everything to everybody. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we dont know if we don’t talk, right? But, please respect that we need to be more focused on mutual priorities and projects that align with our time-proven, successful business model. And at the same time, being more focused on aligning your goals with ours. Again, we can’t do that if we don’t talk, so…see the first two bullets, above.
  • Demo, Construction and Clean-up (easy for you, not as much for us…but we’re not complaining)
  • Final Inspection and Review (with a future of healthy and stress-free outdoor enjoyment – at home – for years to come)

Collage of projects and testimonials

We’ve nearly set the standard for outdoor living space development over Archadeck’s 40-year national tenure, 22 years here in the Des Moines area – 17 as Archadeck of Central Iowa. Our warranties and guarantees are the strongest in the industry as are our relationships with vendors and suppliers, both locally and nationally. Our portfolio is full of 5-star deck, porch and patio projects (since before there were 5 stars); national design excellence awards and, most importantly, customer satisfaction achievement awards. All that…to make those 5 easy steps even easier…for you, and us, actually. And all while keeping it safe by continuing to follow guidelines on the mitigation of the spread of the coronavirus as noted in our previous statements. Safety and security in a world that doesn’t feel as safe and secure as it did just a few months ago. Together, we’ll make it safe and secure again. Together, we’ll go outside and play. Safely.

Contact us today to learn more and schedule your complimentary design consultation. We look forward to working with you. Stay healthy!

Company president