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Team Archadeck Supports your RAGBRAI 2020 Virtual Ride

IowaRAGBRAI – the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa – started this week. Well, the virtual RAGBRAI started this week, anyway. Thats the best we can do in this era of the coronavirus and COVD-19. Which is still pretty good – it still gets you outside to play. And outside has not been cancelled. I think the saying"a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work” applies here as well.

This also represents the 2nd anniversary of our launch of Team Archadeck. In reality, Team Archadeck is as much a “virtual” thing as it is physical. its a mindset. A mindset that getting outdoors is the first step in “outdoor living.” Team Archadeck’s goal is to promote and encourage active and healthy outdoor living beyond the spaces, rooms and accessories that Archadeck | Outdoor Living develops. We’ve done that by occasionally dropping posts about the healthy benefits of being outside…and having a healthy outside to live and play in (the real first step). We’ve wanted to do more than that; more posts, more Team Archadeck events. But, the business of Archadeck| Outdoor Living keeps getting in the way…keeping it in the virtual realm. Which is still pretty good – if it gets you outside to play. So our goal and concept remain the same. Go Outside and Play!

Build Des Moines Magazine CoverWith the coronavirus pandemic of 2000 and the COVID-19 disease it causes, healthy living has taken on a whole new meaning and its impact on our lifestyles has been unprecedented. Its had unprecedented impact on the Archadeck business as well. As the “staying-at-home-is-safer” lifestyle took hold, many (many!) people realized they needed improvements in their home for all their new “home time.” Nicer space. More space. Healthy space. This fueled home remodeling projects at record levels. From an Archadeck perspective, that’s been the case because where better to get more space…more play space, more work space, more healthy space – for the body and the mind…than outdoors…with a deck, porch or patio space by Archadeck of Central Iowa; aka, Team Archadeck.

RAGBRAI 2020 – the virtual ride – offers a new opportunity for Team Archadeck – the virtual healthy outdoor living promotion. Lets make it physical! “How?” you ask in this era of coronavirus. Socially distancing and masking up (along with helmet-ing up), of course. Here’s the opportunity:

  • Unfortunately, time is not allowing me do the full virtual RAGRAI routine. But, weather forecasts and my business schedule are seemingly conducive to me riding my bike to work (a 40-mile round-trip) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Time likely won’t allow all three days but I’ll pledge to do at least one. Care to join me along the way? Stay tuned for details.
  • If your virtual RAGBRAI route is – or can be – taking you thru the Urbandale area on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week, feel free to stop by the Archadeck office between 10am and 4pm and say “Hi!" Your bike will be our first clue you found us here!
    • Our office is accessible by bike, close to many of the bike trails that meander thru Urbandale and connect to the various trails throughout the metro/Central Iowa area
  • Team Archadeck Bike KitsNo pork chops on a stick or apple pie, but we can offer water, a cool respite and…
    • for the first of each, each day, mens and womens Team Archadeck bike jerseys (or kits)…and Team Archadeck bike caps for all…while sizes and supplies last.
    • Yes, all complimentary (like our design consultations) and all at a safe distance, of course.
  • We can also offer outdoor living spaces, rooms and accessories, but…this is about RAGBRAI, Team Archadeck and active/heathy outdoor living, so lets save that for another day (we can set an appointment)

Wherever your travels take you…by bike or any other means, stay safe and healthy out there.

Harold Cross
President, Archadeck of Central Iowa and Team Archadeck