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Virtually the Best Central Iowa Decks, Porches, Patios and Outdoor Living Amenities...including our web site, old and new!

Archadeck logoIt is with great excitement and (nervous?) anticipation that I am excited to announce that we will be launching a new web site for Archadeck of Central Iowa in mid-November, 2020. Our franchise team has partnered with an extraordinary firm for this endeavor, to both develop and host our new site. We will be working closely with our new provider on the transition over the coming weeks but everything we’ve seen so far gives us the utmost confidence (but still nervous…because I used to work in IT…) of a smooth transition and a fantastic result.

Beginning September 1st and thru the transition in mid-November, this site is ”frozen,” meaning no new content is being added; existing content also remains unchanged. Nevertheless, you’ll still find plenty of great and relevant content here regarding what we do – have been doing (for 17 years), how we do it and how you can get started on that process with us.

You just won’t find pictures of your Central Iowa neighbors’ new decks, porches and patios that we’ll complete in the remainder of 2020.

However, our other media sites – Google, Instagram, Facebook, Houzz and more – are not impacted by this change. So we will publish current and notable events and news on those platforms during this transition. Maybe even your neighbor’s new Archadeck deck, porch or patio. So, please follow us on any/all of those sites for the latest on Archadeck of Central Iowa.

Ultimately, there will be a better web-based experience for you (and for us) here with Archadeck of Central Iowa’s new web site. Not that our current one is “bad;” we’ve won awards for it, we get lots of compliments on it and it has supported our business well. So don’t let this transition stop you – this experience is pretty good, too. But…technology changes…fast. As does the world. We need to keep up and we look forward to keeping up…getting ahead, even. We are excited to take these steps and to bring an even better online experience to you.

See you on the other side! And on Instagram, etc…and outside!

Harold Cross of Archadeck