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Thankful for 15 Years of Archadeck Outdoor Living in Central Iowa

(This blog post, published November 21st, 2018, is a reflectively-edited version of a limited-edition “fifteen” page we had up on our web site during 2018, the year we began our 15th year in operation.)

Thanksgiving turkey with wineAs a kid, one of my sports idols wore the number Fifteen: Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers was a champion, on the field and off. Fifteen was a special and influential number to me in my formative years and it became my favorite number. It reminds me of champions, character and the joy I felt when Starr and the Packers did well, as they often did. I’ve always liked the feel of Fifteen and I’ve always strived to be a Fifteen.

Bart Starr playing footballArchadeck of Central Iowa began its fifteenth year of operation in March of 2018. Fifteen is not an insignificant number when it comes to this (or any) business. Because behind that “15” are even more significant numbers…hundreds of client relationships, hundreds of deck, porch and patio projects; millions of dollars of projects and thousands of tons of decking boards, concrete, patio pavers, porch shingles (and metal) and other materials and hardware. Not to mention the weight of the responsibility to deliver our projects successfully, every time, every year. Fifteen years is certainly worthy of reflection, celebration and thanksgiving.

Some of that reflection came as a special Fifteen photo gallery (thumbnails below) that featured one project from each of our 15 years as Archadeck of Central Iowa and, for good luck, one project from our predecessor Collage of Archadeck projects (of 6 years), Archadeck of Des Moines. Take a trip down memory lane with us…see if styles have changed…or not. To some extent, I hope it’s the latter because there is something to be said for consistency…quality never going out of style. On the other hand, we wouldn’t be here fifteen years if we didn’t adapt – and there has been plenty to adapt to. So we continue to to build better…by design.

As for the celebration part, we shared some promotional discounts and events throughout 2018. In fact, we’re continuing our $1,500 discount promotion thru the winter on the things that keep you warm on your deck, porch or patio: heat features (fire pits, fireplaces, infared heat systems, etc.) and food (outdoor kitchens); check our Offers page for details. Besides our usual home show events in 2018 (look for us in 209, too!), our newest event was our launch of Team Archadeck. In short, Team Archadeck is a promotional and fun initiative to encourage active and healthy outdoor living beyond the outdoor spaces, rooms and accessories we develop for our clients and we launched it during RAGBRAI 2018.

Cyclist wearing Archadeck outfit Team Archadeck will get more airplay as we move into 2019, so stay tuned. We’ll post Team Archadeck updates, promotions and words of encouragement on our newly established Team Archadeck (@GoOutsidePlayArchadeck) Facebook page so follow or like us there to stay in touch. And remember…we said it would be fun!

Players and coach discussingWhich brings us to the thanksgiving part. At Thanksgiving, even! Like Bart Starr, none of this is possible without the support of the “team” behind us and we are very thankful for that support. Our team includes (but not limited to): our families; our Outdoor Living Brands franchise support group in Richmond, VA; our network of like-minded and supportive Archadeck | Outdoor Living offices across the country (and Canada!); our local suppliers, vendors and business service providers; our employees and crews; and, most importantly, our clients for the great projects and opportunities you’ve brought to us over our Fifteen years. “Thank You” all for your support – past and future.

Happy Thanksgiving! Go Outside and…Be Thankful!