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An Outdoor Living Space - A Blog by Archadeck of Central Iowa - Intro

Published on November 28th, 2016.

Yes, we have a blog, too!

In fact, we’ve had a blog since 2009. Our An Outdoor Living Space blog has lived on WordPress since my first post there in the fall of 2009 (wow, what a trip down memory lane). We’re keeping that historical content there but beginning now we are transitioning to new blog posts being done here…right on our web site. For nostalgia purposes, we’re keeping An Outdoor Living Space on WordPress and we’ll occasionally post there, too.

So, what have you missed? The first posting here is an index to the 90 blog posts we’ve written to date on “An Outdoor Living Space” at WordPress. Check that out to see what might catch your interest. You’ll notice that we talk about green beer frequently. Annually, it’s one of our most popular reads. Why? Go see for yourself…and have a beer (green, red, Amber or pale ale…your choice) with us.

What will we do here?

The short answer is that we’ll continue to write about decks, porches, patios, pergolas, fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and more. We’ll do that from both from industry-wide and national Archadeck perspectives and we’ll also relate it to the Des Moines area outdoor living projects we, as Archadeck of Central Iowa, develop.

Custom deck and covered porch Custom outdoor kitchen with bar counter on deck Custom elevated deck with black railing and staircase Custom backyard low deck with pergola and seating area

More? Green beer, for one. Beyond that, we’ll continue to write about specific outdoor living space projects we’ve done around the Des Moines and Central Iowa area. We’ll write about outdoor living and outdoor events in Central Iowa. We’ll continue to write about why we – and our clients – do what we do. After all, it’s more than the sticks and stones and the tools and processes to put them together in your backyard (or front). There are very human and emotional aspects to what we do and we try to capture that, too.

In two words, that’s what we focus on here. But, don’t be surprised by some tangents. One such tangent – the convergence of two passions of mine, outdoor living and music, has resulted in a side blog project called Outdoor Living Notes, which will still be maintained on WordPress. Give that a read…listen, too, if you’d like.

Guitar player

One last note of introductory clarification. I used the words “I” and “we” a bit loosely above. In whole, I’m referring to the Archadeck of Central Iowa team, which consists of our building crews; Nolan Benge, design consultant; and my brother, David Cross, a partner with me in the business and our construction manager. As for me, I’m Harold Cross; owner…and wearer of many hats, including design, sales and business management and…blog writer. The storyline content comes from the from the deck, porch and patio projects our team develops for our Des Moines area clients. I try to keep the stories informative and entertaining and I try to keep them “real.”

I hope you enjoy the content here and find it useful in your journey towards finding your dream outdoor living space. And…if you can dream it, we can build it.

Go Outside and Play!

Company president