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Stafford TX Outdoor Living Experts

Stafford, TX, Homeowners Look to Archadeck of Southwest Houston to Fulfill Their Outdoor Living Dreams.

While Stafford, TX, has been called the Island of Business Opportunity, when you’re home in your back yard what you probably want is an island of tranquil relaxation. What does that look like for you and your family?

patio and fire pit

When your thoughts turn in that direction, it’s time to call Archadeck of Southwest Houston. Just tell us what kind of outdoor oasis you’re dreaming of in Stafford, and we’ll work with you to make it happen. From a simple patio to a grand covered patio or pavilion with outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace – and everything in between – we can build that!

covered patio with outdoor fireplace

The first thing you need to know about Archadeck of Southwest Houston is that we are a design-and-build firm, not just a builder. Designing the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family is our mission. We’ll meet with you for a complimentary design consultation and find out what kind of outdoor space you have in mind. Each project we build is custom-designed for a specific client. We base that design on your preferences, the layout of your home and lot, and your outdoor living dreams.

Let’s take a look at several types of projects to stimulate ideas and show you the top-quality work we do. If you don’t see exactly what you want here, that’s alright because we’re going to build a one-of-a-kind, custom outdoor living space for you.

Stafford TX Patio Builder

Archadeck of Southwest Houston is the trusted patio builder in the Stafford area because we can design and build any kind of patio – from traditional to innovative. Another reason we have earned this reputation is because of our construction standards are very high, and the quality of our work withstands the test of time. To get started, let us know what kind of patio surface you have in mind.

Paver patios

bakyard deck and patio
— Deck, sunroom and paver patio combination with custom hardscape wall.

Manufactured pavers are extremely popular because you have so many sizes, shapes, and colors from which to choose. Another reason many homeowners choose pavers is that they’re incredibly durable and low-maintenance. Also, if one paver does happen to crack – which is extremely unlikely – we can easily replace it without disturbing the surrounding pavers.

Stain-and-stamp concrete patios

deck and patio with railings
— This backyard design features a low-maintenance deck and stain & stamp patio.

There was a time when all concrete patios were the same color. With the addition of color and the use of stamps to create appealing patterns on the surface, stain and stamp concrete has become an art form. Many of our clients choose concrete not just for its more affordable price but for the design possibilities. With your selection of a stamp pattern and a base color, along with an accent or release color, you play a key role in the custom design of your patio.

Contact us today!

For the best possible patio and hardscape project, let Archadeck of Southwest Houston design and build your custom outdoor living space in the Stafford, TX, area. We will work with you to custom-design an outdoor space unique to your home and perfect for your family. To schedule your complimentary consultation, call us today at (281) 214-8299 or email us at

— David Herbert, owner at Archadeck of Southwest owner

Let a Patio Cover Protect Your Patio Time

covered patio with fire pit

If you love entertaining outdoors, or you treasure every minute you’re able to relax on the patio, you will probably want your patio to include a cover or roof. There are plenty of options, so don’t feel like your choices are all-or-nothing. As your Stafford TX covered patio builder, we have designed patios that are completely covered and others that are only partially covered. When we meet with you for the design consultation, we’ll talk about how you want to use your patio. The necessity – or not – of a patio cover usually emerges during that conversation. Are you willing to move the party indoors if a rain shower pops up unexpectedly? Are you willing to schedule your patio time to avoid the sun’s harshest UV rays?

patio with fire pit

The proximity of your patio to your house will dictate whether your patio cover will be free-standing or attached to your home. You’ll have several design choices to make for the patio cover. Will its support posts be made of exposed wood, wrapped with low-maintenance PVC, or covered by stone veneer? That depends on the aesthetics you prefer; it’s a sensory decision.

open patio with bar

If the patio is adjacent to your home and the patio cover will be tied into your home’s roof, what kind of pitch will it have? What kind of ceiling do you want for your patio cover? Those options include tongue and groove cedar, pressure-treated pine, or exotic hardwood – or perhaps you would prefer an open rafter design.

Beyond Patio Basics: Adding Hardscapes

covered patio with outdoor kitchen and fireplace

Technically, a hardscape is a paver/stone/concrete/brick structure that is introduced into the landscape. When we talk about hardscapes, we’re referring to the patio itself, yes, but also to any vertical elements added for functional or decorative purposes. The vertical components of a hardscape could include a retaining wall or seating wall usually placed at the patio’s edge, a custom fire feature, or an outdoor kitchen. For additional flourishes, you might add stone bench seating along a retaining wall or pillars at either end of a seating wall. If your patio has more than one level, or if steps are needed, the steps become part of your hardscape design.

outdoor fireplace

When you introduce these vertical elements, you have the opportunity to select materials that match the horizontal patio surface or that complement it. If your patio is made of pavers, most paver manufactures offer matching pavers in larger sizes designed for vertical elements such as the base of your outdoor kitchen. With natural stone, you may be able to use that same stone for your vertical hardscapes. You also have the option of selecting a hardscape paver that goes well with your stone. For a stain and stamp concrete patio you will need to select a complementary hardscape material.

Don’t Forget the Pergola!

poolside patio with outdoor grill and fire pit

A custom pergola – or two – added to a patio present all kinds of design options. Many of our clients want a pergola at the back edge of the patio as a visual element to help define the space. Some want a pergola on the side, or both sides, to serve as the frame for a privacy screen. Another popular spot for a pergola is over the dining area or over the outdoor kitchen to set it off. If you don’t have a patio cover, you may want a pergola for shade. Realize a pergola only provides partial shade unless you add a canvas or polycarbonate cover to the pergola itself. Wherever you place a pergola, it will make a powerful design statement.

backyard poolside patio with pergola

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