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Now is the BEST Time to Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston about Adding a Patio … and More!

No time like the present, they say! Below are the 3 most important reasons you should take that sentiment to heart and call Archadeck of Southwest Houston this week. This very week! It’s time to stop thinking about it and start moving ahead with your outdoor living project. You will be so glad you made that call, and so will your family and friends!

Patio and pergola combination

As your southwest Houston patio builder, we want to get you outdoors enjoying your new patio as soon as possible!

SW Houston homeowners often pair a patio with other hardscapes—an outdoor kitchen, seating walls, a fireplace or fire pit. Pergolas, too! The crisp fall evenings coming up will convince you to listen to the call of the outdoors! Thinking ahead to next summer, would you prefer an open patio, a covered patio or one that is partially covered for shade and partially open to the sky?

You can have it both ways. The secret to designing a patio that is inviting and enjoyable all year ’round is to create an area for shade and an area for sunlight. How you dress it up from there is up to you, and we will show you oodles of options for that. Archadeck of Southwest Houston is ready to talk with you about what elements your ideal patio or combination outdoor living space will include.

What is a combination outdoor living space?

Ah, an excellent question, and one we are eager to answer. These are our favorite projects to design and build. We love seeing homeowners break out into smiles when we deliver our initial design for their new combination outdoor space. In southwest Houston, a combination outdoor living space usually begins with a patio—whether it’s made of pavers, natural stone or stain and stamp concrete—but it does not end there! No, for a combination space, the patio is just the beginning.

Outdoor Man Cave Patio and Outdoor Kitchen Combination

When we design a combination outdoor living space for you, we talk with you to explore everything you want from your new outdoor space. Each of our design-and-build projects is custom made for one home. Your home is unique and your outdoor living space will be, too. Here are some ideas you may want to add to your unique patio design:

Outdoor kitchen: Do you want to cook outdoors? Will a simple grill or smoker be enough, or is a full outdoor kitchen more to your liking? Keep in mind, those are not your only two options. Your ideal outdoor kitchen can contain as many or as few features as you desire.

Austin Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Covered patio: When you add a shade structure to your SW Houston patio, it immediately becomes more functional. With a roof—or a partial roof—you won’t be governed by the whims of weather, even rain and blistering sun. Under a roof you can include a big-screen TV so you can watch the games while cooking and eating outdoors.

Houston Patio and Fire Pit Builders

Other shade options: A roof is simple and straightforward but not the only option offering shade. Pergolas are great for shade and are beautiful as well as functional. Pergolas themselves do not create total shade, however, so we have our ways of doing that! We can place a thermal polycarbonate sheet over the top of your pergola to block UV rays and reduce the amount of heat you feel under the pergola. These covers come in clear or tinted colors and many times you don’t even “see” them. It’s completely up to you how much shade you want.

Houston Pergola Builders

Outdoor fire feature: Would you like an outdoor fireplace instead of an outdoor kitchen—or in addition to it? Nothing beats an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for ambiance after sunset. Family and guests will gather around the hypnotic flames and share quality time together talking about memories and creating new ones.

Austin Outdoor Fireplace and Patio Combination

Now you have a better idea of what the phrase “combination outdoor living space” means. You can include as many or few of these patio embellishments as you want with your southwest Houston patio. Your dream, your design; we make it happen just like you want it.

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston this Week!

Call Us

If you don’t feel a sense of urgency to get started now, you should. The seasons are already changing! This is really the best time to add a new patio or combination outdoor living space to your home. Now.

1. We can’t finish before we start! The sooner you call, the sooner you will have the patio or outdoor living space of your dreams. While that sounds like so much common sense, think about it! Your new outdoor living space will not leap up, fully formed, the day you call us to schedule a design consultation.

First, we will meet so you can tell us about your dream patio. We always ask homeowners to consider all the ways they want to use their new patio so we can design the perfect outdoor living space for them. After the design consultation, if you choose to move ahead with the project, we need to place you in our schedule and order materials. It’s a process, step by step. We need to obtain building permits and assist you with HOA approval if it’s required.

Are You a Fence Sitter?

Are you sitting on the fence? Whatever you do, don’t wait until you have a special event coming up to give us a call. We need some lead time! Do you want to start enjoying your completed patio by the end of fall? This winter? Next spring? Then you must call us now!

2. Lock in 2018 prices. The prices of building materials rise each year, usually in January. In 2019, with new trade tariffs, prices could increase more than usual. If you sign a contract before the end of the year to have Archadeck of Southwest Houston design and build your patio or combination outdoor living space, you will dodge 2019 price increases. We want you to get the best prices possible!

3. Just do it, to borrow a phrase. This reason ties into the first one, but with a subtle difference. Above, we are talking about deciding when you want to schedule the project and when you want to start enjoying it. Here we are talking about climbing out of the perfectionism trap. You can look at Pinterest and Houzz for months, finding one great idea after another, and never feel like you’ve seen every idea out there. New ideas come along every day! At some point you simply need to pick up the phone and talk with us. We have ideas, too. Give us a chance to listen to you, share our ideas and come up with the perfect outdoor living space for your family’s needs. Did we say “now”?

Now is the best time to move forward with your anticipated outdoor living project. Call us to talk about your southwest Houston patio or combination outdoor living space and schedule your free outdoor living design consultation. Call us at (281) 214-8299.

Archadeck of SW Houston
David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston