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Why You Should Call Archadeck Of Southwest Houston Today If A New Outdoor Living Space Is In Your Future

Is this the season you’re going to move ahead with the outdoor living project you’ve always dreamed of? Are you tired of your aging patio with uneven bricks or cracked concrete? Or maybe you have recently bought or built a new home to you that is void of any outdoor living space?

If 2018 is the year you want to upgrade or add a patio, deck or combination outdoor space you’ve dreamed of, don’t wait to call Archadeck of SW Houston to discuss your project. If you wait, your new project may be completed much later than you had hoped.

How long does it take to build a new patio, porch or deck?

Outdoor sitting area

This is the most frequently asked question from our clients. The answer to which can be as complicated as it is simple because building your new outdoor space may not take long, however, the process does take time. Any reputable builder will have a waiting list for start dates. In fact, if you contact a builder that claims they can start right away, tomorrow or even next week, be very wary. Good contractors are always in high demand and they will have a waiting list to get started. Just as we pointed out in our last blog article How Archadeck of SW Houston Makes Planning Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space Effortless if you do not choose an outdoor living structure specialist like Archadeck for your project you may learn that not all structures have a solid plan behind their construction.

Outdoor patio with seating area

Other factors that determine how long it will take for your new project to be completed?

In addition to the wait time that you can expect with any reputable builder, there are a number of steps in the design process. While each of these might not take a lot of time, cumulatively they can add up to several weeks.

The decision process

Once you call or email us, we schedule a time to visit your home as shortly after that initial point of contact as possible. A few days may elapse before we even meet. When you make your decision to move ahead, it may take a couple days to finalize your contract. After your contract is finalized, Archadeck pulls your permits and schedules the appropriate subcontractors such as electricians, painters or roofers that will play a role in bringing your project to fruition.

The finishing process

Contract Selection Checklist

  • Integrity & respect in all our relationships
  • Written specifications, agreement & warranty
  • Warranty--12-month, workmanship & 60-month structural 
  • National guarantee of job completion & warranty
  • Experienced / polite / skilled carpenters & staff
  • Background checks on all employees
  • Permit application & inspections
  • Exact price for project, no estimates
  • Balanced & fair payment plan
  • $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance for all workers
  • Award-winning designs

Yes, even the finishing process requires a little bit of time. Archadeck ensures that every job is properly inspected by the local inspectors. As you can see from the list above, the required steps in adding a custom-built structure or space to your backyard take time.

Outdoor pergola with swimming area

Begin the conversation now

Archadeck of Southwest Houston offers a free design consultation. Even if you may want your project finished later in the year, call now to begin the discussion to ensure your project gets on our production schedule to be ready to enjoy sooner rather than later.

To schedule your free consultation, call us at (281) 214-8299 to set up your free design consultation.
David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston
David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston