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The Local Laws & Regulations on Fire Pits in Toronto

Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal with a Legal Fire Pit Today

Outdoor fire pits have become a popular addition to homes in Toronto. They are an excellent way to add an extra dimension of warmth and comfort to any backyard gathering. At Archadeck of Toronto East, we specialize in building fire pits and fire features. Our team can customize a stunning fire pit that matches your style, functional needs, and surrounding architecture. We’ll have you roasting s’mores around the fire with loved ones in no time!

Many Toronto residents fear fire pits are illegal. The good news is this isn’t entirely true. While there are rules and regulations surrounding fire features and amenities, our installation specialists have the knowledge and skills to ensure your fire pit adheres to all local codes and legalities. Let’s now outline some of the local laws and regulations.

Open-Air Burning Not Permitted

First and foremost, it is critical to recognize that the City of Toronto does not permit open-air burning. Wood, coal, books, and other solid fuel cannot be burned in a fire pit within city limits (or anywhere else) under most circumstances. This burning produces dangerous smoke particles that can damage air quality and cause health issues for those living nearby. As a result, it should be avoided altogether.

That said, open-air burning is allowed under two primary scenarios:

  • The open-air fire pit is used for smoking meat
  • The fire pit has received written approval from the Toronto Fire Services Fire Prevention Division

Toronto Fire Services Fire Prevention Division Approval

The safest step to ensure compliance is acquiring written approval from the Toronto Fire Services Fire Prevention Division before installing the fire pit. You can obtain this approval by submitting an application to the Fire Prevention Division and having someone inspect your property. The Division will review the application while assessing your property for safety concerns such as proper ventilation, access to emergency services, etc. Once approved, they will issue a permit allowing you to install the fire pit on your property.

Fire Pits Are Allowed for Smoking Meats

As previously mentioned, fire pits are typically allowed in Toronto for smoking meats or making foods like s’mores over an open flame. It is acceptable to use a fire pit for such purposes without additional permits or approvals from the city – so long as you follow local laws regarding open flames. However, it is always wise to check with local authorities before using a fire pit for smoking meat or making food over an open flame.

Gas or Propane-Powered Fire Pits

Natural gas or propane-powered fire pits are allowed when certified to CSA standards and installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Nevertheless, gas and propane fire pits may require additional permits or inspections depending on their size and location on your property. We can help you check with local authorities before installing any fire feature.

The Different Kinds of Fire Pits

There are three primary options when choosing an outdoor fire pit:

  • Prefabricated metal fire pits
  • Brick fire pits
  • Custom-built fire pits

Prefabricated metal fire pits are usually made from steel or aluminum and come in various shapes and sizes. They are relatively easy to install and require minimal space. A brick fire pit is ideal for property owners seeking a more permanent fire feature. This option requires professional building skills but will result in a sturdy structure that blends well with your existing deck or patio design.

Finally, if you want something uniquely tailored to your needs, our design team is ready to help your craft a custom-built fire pit. Don’t hesitate to browse our gallery of backyard firepit possibilities. We can also incorporate your fire pit/fire features into the design of other outdoor structures, including patios, decks, and hardscapes.

The Many Benefits of Fire Pits

Installing a fire pit in your yard will have many advantages, such as:

  • Creates a cozy atmosphere that encourages conversation
  • Adding value to your property (should you ever decide to sell it)
  • Allowing you to grill outdoors
  • Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your yard
  • Keeping bugs away with campfire

We can pair your fire pit with other features, such as a mounted TV or wooden deck.

Enhance Your Home with a Fire Pit Today

Hopefully, by following these guidelines, you will legally and safely enjoy all the benefits outdoor fire pits offer! Fire pits are an excellent investment and a great addition to any home in Toronto. There is something special about sitting around warm flames with friends and family. A fire feature can bring warmth during winter or add a sparkle to the nighttime summer air.

Let Our Professionals Install a Fire Pit on Your Property

As you can see, there are numerous benefits associated with installing a firepit at home. Whatever design and style you prefer, adding one to your deck or patio is sure to add value and ambiance for years to come! That said, it is critical to hire qualified technicians to install your fire features according to all safety requirements. After installation, it is equally imperative to follow safety instructions provided by the manufacturer while operating these types of fire pits.

Dealing with gas and fire is dangerous, and installation can lead to various hazards, posing a risk to your property and family. Fortunately, our team will take every precaution necessary to deliver a seamless design and installation process. A fire pit is a surefire way to create an inviting atmosphere for relaxing and sharing stories. If you want to add an outdoor fixture that can bring your family and friends together, reach out anytime! Our Archadeck contractors will build a fire pit with professionalism and meticulous care.

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