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How much does it cost to build a deck, porch, or sunroom?

Did you know that according to the Cost vs. Value Report for remodeling projects in 2022, outdoor home upgrades top many of the interior improvements listed?

More and more, Kansas City area homeowners, as well as homeowners across the country, are realizing the value of having a custom outdoor living area – both for their own enjoyment and potential added resale value.

If you have a finished basement, which you use frequently for get-togethers, movie viewing, or as a private space of respite, you know the value of having such a space. If you do not have a finished basement and are considering undertaking a home improvement project to finish it, Archadeck of Kansas City asks you to first consider upgrading your outdoor living amenities. This year’s Cost vs. Value Report no longer lists finishing a basement as a beneficial investment for resale. However, adding an outdoor space, such as a composite deck, offers a great return on your investment – and will also provide a fantastic space for entertaining and relaxing – conveniently located on your main living level, unlike a basement. Read on before calling home improvement contractors!

Drilling on wood
Nix those interior home upgrades for a new and improved porch, deck, or sunroom for your Kansas City area home!

Average cost to build a deck

It is never easy to quote an actual cost to build a custom outdoor living structure. Per the 2021 Cost vs. Value report, the average investment in a composite deck in the Kansas City area is $22,554, which is approximately $2,100 above the national average. While this is not a direct quote for your new deck, this is a fair representation of the cost you might expect to pay for a deck, which will literally last you for decades of low-maintenance, high-traffic usage. Your deck price could be more or less, depending on the grade of TimberTech AZEK decking used for your project and more than a few other factors.

2019 Cost vs. 2022 Cost to build a composite deck

In 2019, the average cost to build a composite deck in the Kansas City area was $19,846. The three-year cost increase is $2,708.

Dining area on deck
Lee’s Summit deck by Archadeck of Kansas City

The size, shape, and height of your deck, for instance, will dictate more or less cost. If your deck is high off the ground, you will have added costs for a stair and deck railings. We typically use all-welded aluminum deck and porch railings, which are not only strong, but reduce maintenance. However, we offer various railings in many styles to suit your design tastes, as well as your expected maintenance level. Other amenities, such as an outdoor fireplace and pergola will further increase the cost of your deck.

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Custom deck with pergola and outdoor fireplace
Lee’s Summit deck with fireplace and cedar pergola by Archadeck of Kansas City

Average cost to build a covered deck

As with quoting the cost of a new deck outright, quoting the cost to build a covered deck is dependent upon many factors. The height of your covered deck, materials used to build it, type of connection to your home (roof connection vs. wall connection) and added amenities will all influence the final cost of your covered deck. At Archadeck of Kansas City, we have figured a typical low-end and high-end average cost to build a covered deck. A typical 14′×16′ covered deck usually starts at $32,000. Our intricate and informative sales process will work to your advantage, as we will endeavor to help you to choose the best options for your personal usage requirements, as well as the potential for future resale. We will never attempt to up-sell you but will alternately down-sell your materials and amenities to ensure that you are not over-spending for things you do not need or will not use on your covered deck.

Custom covered porch with railing
Lee’s Summit covered porch design by Archadeck of Kansas City

Your Archadeck of Kansas City sales representative will arrive at your initial consultation with building product samples, a book full of our porch projects to show you, and with all the product knowledge you will need to begin to arrive at your final decisions. We will walk your property with you and take measurements. We will offer insight about the size and shape of your porch based on your home’s orientation to your property. We will give you information, such as how much space you should allow for furniture arrangements on your porch.

Custom open porch with ceiling fans
Leawood open porch design by Archadeck of Kansas City

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Archadeck of Kansas City will custom-tailor the design of your porch based on the way you see yourself using the space. We can discuss the benefits of adding screens to your porch design, and fitting it with electricity for a ceiling fan, custom lighting, a TV, and even surround sound. The average cost of a screened porch is $34,000 and up. Most of our porch clients choose screens for the added functionality they provide by further protecting the space from the elements and pests. Screen porches also give you the best of both worlds, it’s your very own transition area where the screen provides a comforting atmosphere, while remaining outside. Many of our screened porches include an outdoor fireplace for use in all or part of three seasons.

Cozy screened porch with outdoor fireplace
Luxurious screened porch design by Archadeck of Kansas City

Cost to build a sunroom

Determining the cost to build a sunroom is altogether different than a porch or a deck, for our sunrooms are actual room additions. Sunrooms will have insulated walls, finished interior floors, such as laminate, wood, or ceramic tile, full electrical, and will include heating and cooling. Archadeck of Kansas City’s sunroom designs facilitate ultimate sunlight entry into the space with large, energy-efficient windows. Building a sunroom onto your home will give you four full seasons of usage, as your space will be climate-controlled. You can enjoy soaking up the sunlight in your sunroom, even in the dead of winter! If you are interested in speaking with us about the cost of a new sunroom for your home, give us a call for more information.

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Round dining table on screened porch
Sunroom with laminate flooring and wall-mounted heating and cooling unit by Archadeck of Kansas City

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Are you ready to discuss the cost of building your new deck, porch, or sunroom in the Kansas City area? Get in touch with our award-winning designers for a design consultation at (913) 851-3325.