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When is a good time of year to build my porch? Your expert porch builder in Hartford and Fairfield counties knows!

Does the recent chilly weather already have you dreaming about the warmth of spring? Are you envisioning refreshing days and all the fun spring has to offer on a new Archadeck porch? While you may be thinking about your new outdoor living space being used this spring, would it surprise you to hear that winter (yes, winter) is a great time of year to build your porch?

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Don’t miss out on enjoying your porch when spring arrives

Trust Archadeck, your experienced porch builder in Hartford and Fairfield counties, to help you determine optimal times of year to build your outdoor space. While many homeowners believe spring or summer are the ideal seasons to build their outdoor living space, winter is actually a wonderful time to build a porch. Building your porch now means your project will be completed sooner, offer potential cost-savings, and give you more time to enjoy your new outdoor living space throughout the year.

Build your Archadeck porch now and spend less time waiting to enjoy it!

As a dedicated porch builder in Hartford and Fairfield counties, we know that all homeowners want their outdoor living spaces built at the same time – in the spring. A few warm days in March (or even late February) can make people rekindle their love for the season of renewal. Because spring is our busiest time of year for contracting and building projects, we face increased lead times to start construction. Commissioning your porch project now means less time spent waiting for your project to be built.

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Build your porch now and avoid potential material cost increases next year

At Archadeck of Hartford-Fairfield, it may pay to build now.

Building materials, like many products, are subject to price increases. In 2020, we have especially seen this with lumber, and porches require a substantial amount of it when building. Signing your contract before the year’s end so supplies can be ordered before potential price increases take place is important to keep in mind. Waiting until next year may result in higher project costs simply due to the increased price in materials.

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Don’t spend another spring or summer without your screened porch

Your porch builder in Hartford and Fairfield counties gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor living space when you build now.

Do you want to wait until the middle or end of summer to enjoy your new porch? We didn’t think so! If you want your porch ready for all the warmth and fun spring has to offer, it’s a good idea to get started on your project now! It takes time to put together the perfect porch design, handle permits and inspections, and get materials ordered. This is an excellent time of year to build your porch so it will be ready to enjoy as soon as you are.

If you’d like to have your new porch ready to enjoy by spring, we’d love to hear from you. Call the experts at Archadeck of Hartford-Fairfield today to schedule your complimentary design consultation.