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Custom Gazebo Design
Bringing In Outdoors In Style

Gazebos are classically beautiful outdoor structures that can be used in a number of ways. Because of their posts and roof structure, they create rooms outside for friends and families to gather under.

Easy and Impactful

Like many outdoor structures, the design options for gazebos are plentiful, making them an impactful but easy addition to any backyard space. Gazebos are typically freestanding, meaning they are built separate from other outdoor structures, but we are seeing more and more being added to existing decks and patios. A gazebo can be finished in the same materials and colors as your home or patio so it looks as though it's always been there.

Versatile Structures

Common features of gazebos include overhead fans and lighting, built-in benches and screens along the sides. With the addition of some of these features, a gazebo can be enjoyed day and night, in the shade, and insect-free.

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