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Retractable Awnings – Bring It Outdoors in Style

Awnings allow homeowners to control the amount of sun and shade their outdoor living spaces get. They can add visual interest and color to a space while providing needed control.

Design Considerations

Awnings are installed to the fa├žade of your home and can be manually or electrically retracted to provide the necessary amount of shade. By blocking the sun near doors or windows, they can reduce heat inside as well. Pitch, length and fabric are three components to awning design. Pitch refers to the angle at which a homeowner would like the awning to retract from the house. In most cases, a subtle pitch is enough to provide the necessary shade benefits. Commercial awnings are more likely to have steeper pitches. The length of the awning is important to consider when it is fully retracted. It's best if it covers the majority of the living space so as to create a room underneath. With endless options for color and pattern, you're sure to find something that you'll love. Archadeck Outdoor Living offers a number of outdoor fabrics.

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