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Even with the growing low maintenance and composite decking category, wood decks are still a popular choice. At Archadeck Outdoor Living, we pride ourselves on our:

  • Deck designs that make the most of the wood
  • Expert advice on wood selection
  • Selection of wood options, we have everything from pressure-treated pine to
    exotic IPE hardwoods

Art and Science

Working with wood is as much an art as a science. In addition to accommodating varying expansion and design factors, our deck designers consider how best to showcase the distinctive features of any given wood. Thoughtful construction details, like having the grain go against the traffic pattern (to reduce the potential for splinters on bare feet), can make a big difference. Your local Archadeck Outdoor Living office will help you design a wood deck that meets your budget, your taste and the conditions of your location, making your dream deck a reality.

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is often the most cost-effective. With a lifetime of 10-15 years, this type of wood is strong, but it requires regular cleaning and sealing maintenance to continue looking good. When maintenance is ignored, pressure treated wood decks can splinter, warp and turn grey.

Exotic Hardwoods

Found in South America and Africa, exotic hardwoods include IPE, Tiger Wood, Cambara and more. These woods are harder than pressure-treated lumber and naturally repel against rot and insects without needing to be treated with chemicals. Instead of being cleaned and sealed periodically, exotic hardwoods require periodic deck oil applications. While the color variations of these woods are gorgeous, they are more expensive than pressure treated wood.

Years of Enjoyment

When we design a wood deck for a client, we're always striving to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Your needs and tastes combined with our design and expertise will provide you with a deck you're happy to enjoy.

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