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10 Outdoor Deck and Porch Fall Maintenance Tips: Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Fall is here, and deck maintenance can be a daunting task. If you don't take care of your deck now, it will only get worse through winter. The Colorado Springs' freeze and thaw cycle, plus winter moisture, can destroy untreated wood. If you haven't stained or sealed your new deck, now might be the time if the wood has dried. If you are past due for a re-stain - make sure you do it before winter weather arrives.

This blog post includes ten outdoor deck and porch maintenance tips for fall to help keep your deck in good condition all year long!

Colorado Springs Fall Deck Maintenance Tips

  1. Clean your deck with a power washer. If your deck is wood, this should be done a week before you apply sealant. If you have a composite deck from AZEK or TimberTech - a pressure washing is all you need.
  2. What Fall Maintenance is Required for My Colorado Springs Deck? | Archadeck of Colorado SpringsPower wash deck railings to remove dirt build-up from summer months.
  3. If you have a wood deck, apply water sealant, stain, or paint to protect it from rain and snow damage.
  4. Power wash or pressure clean porch furniture before storing it away for the winter months.
  5. Wash all windows on the exterior of the house and porch, so you don't have to do it in the winter cold.
  6. Turn off gas to the unused outdoor appliances for the winter months.
  7. Inspect deck connections to make sure everything is tightly connected before freezing temperatures arrive. If you can move or tighten any loose screws now, it will save a lot of headaches during winter.
  8. Clean gutters and drains to make sure water can flow freely when freezing temperatures arrive. Ice dams and ice falling on your deck can potentially be damaging or dangerous.
  9. Store deck furniture, grill, or anything else that you will not be using over the next few months out of direct sunlight, so they don't fade or crack during storage.
  10. Inspect deck railing and deck flooring for loose boards, splinters, or anything else that could be potentially hazardous. Consider the slippery conditions that can occur in winter when inspecting these items closely.

Remember... fall home maintenance is important! By taking care of your Colorado Springs deck now, before the winter weather comes, you can avoid potential problems next year.

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