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Five Ways to Maximize Colorado Springs Outdoor Living This Winter

How to Transform a Backyard into a Winter Outdoor Living Paradise

Are you planning to hibernate during the impending cold winter weather, or are you determined not to spend the long dark winter indoors? If you’d like to continue to enjoy the fresh air and an active outdoor lifestyle throughout the winter, adjusting your home’s outdoor living space can be just what you need. We have five suggestions for maximizing Colorado Springs outdoor living at home this winter:

Add a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great way to enjoy time with family and friends in cool and warm weather. Functionally speaking, a fire pit provides 360 degrees of warmth for everyone to enjoy. It also happens to be a perfect place to enjoy long conversations, roast marshmallows, and disconnect from the rest of the world. Place your fire pit addition on a deck or patio with the right preparation by our expert Colorado Springs deck builders.

Install an Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace on wood deck with wood rail and deckorator metal pickets

Outdoor fireplaces are gaining popularity for their versatility. They can be added to porches, three-season rooms, sunrooms, decks, and patios. The warmth and relaxation are the main benefits. However, outdoor fireplaces create additional privacy and a focal point for your entire outdoor space. Choose from gas or wood-burning, and consider hanging your television above it for exceptional outdoor entertaining.

Pick Up a Patio Heater

pyramid heater

Today’s outdoor heaters, recently taking on the moniker “patio heaters,” are becoming better than ever. Previously enjoyed on the patio at restaurants and sporting events, patio heaters are becoming more accessible to everyone. Generating a great deal of heat via a propane tank, they look great and get the job done. On a large patio or deck, more than one outdoor heater can provide comfort for easy entertaining in cooler weather. Choose from the standard stainless steel variety or go with something more decorative, like pyramid towers.

Bundle Up and Grab a Blanket

Wherever you enjoy outdoor lounging in the summer, you can do it in the winter by layering up and grabbing a blanket. Decks, porches, and patios make excellent lounging space if you’re dressed for the weather. Depending on your tolerance of the cold, you may not last as long as with one of the first three solutions, but in Colorado Springs, we pride ourselves in embracing and dressing for every season!

Enclose it with Vinyl Porch Windows

Our favorite way to make outdoor spaces more comfortable in cool or wet weather is by upgrading a porch, deck, or patio with a winter porch enclosure using vinyl porch windows. Your porch can become a three-season room with the addition of windows that are easy to open and close for maximum airflow in pleasant weather or protection from the cold. If you don’t have a porch but a deck or patio, we can add porch windows and a porch roof at the same time. A three-season room doesn’t have HVAC and insulation, but the heat from space heaters or fireplaces can be more effective when the wind and cold air are blocked.

Consider Archadeck of Colorado Springs to provide you with flexible winter outdoor living solutions, allowing you to shed the layers and seize the day. Call now for a design consultation.