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Backyard Ideas with Deck to Inspire Your Outdoor Living Renovation Planning

Nine amazing backyard deck ideas to spark your backyard renovation imagination.

Looking for backyard ideas with decks? Decks are a favorite outdoor living feature in Colorado Springs. They provide a soft, dry, flat area outside your back or side door for lounging, cooking, and entertaining. With a cornucopia of options for your backyard deck, it can be head-spinning to make all the right choices with confidence. You’re not alone in this journey. At Archadeck of Colorado Springs, our expert backyard designers will walk you through all of your options and advise you which deck designs will best meet your lifestyle needs. Before you begin the process, check out these nine backyard deck ideas to give you a starting point.

Multi-Level Decks

Tiered multi level deck

Today’s homeowners want their outdoor living spaces to work for many purposes and sometimes different groups at the same time. A multi-level deck can help create adjoining but separate spaces, just like an open concept interior floorplan. And you are not limited to two levels or a particular shape. Your multiple levels can be plentiful and in any size or shape.

Tiered Deck for Natural Transitions

If you have a walkout basement or a sloped backyard, you can opt for a tiered deck. Just like a multi-level deck, a tiered deck features more than one living space built at different levels. On a tiered deck, the multiple deck levels are designed to create a smooth and natural transition down to the backyard, making it easier to see your entire yard from the deck.

Porch and Deck Combination

Sometimes you want to sit out in the sun. Sometimes you need shade. A cool day requires the sun for warmth, while a hot day can chase you into the air conditioning. We often build decks with a porch roof over a portion while leaving another portion open to the elements. It is an excellent way to have versatility in outdoor living – crucial for Colorado weather.

Pergola for Coziness and Shade

Much like our previous suggestion, a pergola can be built over all or a portion of your deck. Pergolas provide partial shade, define a space, and create a decorative focal point on your deck. Many people like pergolas because they can run electricity and hang fans and lights in them, enhancing comfort and functionality.

Elevated Deck with Dry Covered Patio Below

If you have a walkout basement on a sloping lot, chances are your main living space is the 2nd level in the backyard. Take advantage of these features by enhancing your elevated deck with a deck gutter system. These systems are installed under your deck boards and feature a gutter system to divert water so that the patio under your deck becomes a dry, covered patio. The two spaces together allow for easy entertaining with family and provide space for full sun, shade, rain protection, and more.

Deck and Patio Combinations

A trendy design feature for backyards in Colorado Springs and across the nation is the deck and patio combination. Most homeowners don’t love to step off their deck stairs right into the grass or muddy area but prefer a concrete or paver patio landing. This decreases the mud and dirt that gets on the deck but also allows for a reliable flat place to step. Take that landing one step further by making it large enough for a secondary living space. A patio landing is a perfect place for a fire pit, barbecue grill, or maybe an area for the kids to sit separately from the adults.

Fireplace for Privacy

patio deck and pergola combination backyard ideas with deckOkay, yes, a fire feature is namely for heat and ambiance. But did you know that if you choose an outdoor fireplace, it can be strategically designed and installed to provide privacy on your deck? Depending on the size and style, an outdoor stone fireplace makes a perfect privacy wall.

Firepit for Congregating

With today’s composite decking, fire pits no longer have to be way out in the yard. We can build a gas or wood-burning fire pit right on your composite deck. If you’d prefer, we can add it to your patio space – your choice! Fire pits are excellent for creating a conversation space where phones are put down, feet are put up, and friends and family can enjoy time together.

TimberTech Low-Maintenance Decking

Classic wood decks are still a popular choice. But, if you hate giving up one or two weekends per year to power-washing, sanding, staining, painting, or sealing, TimberTech is the way to go. This low-maintenance, synthetic decking looks like natural wood but will never need to be stained or sealed. TimberTech decks last for decades, repel pests, and have ZERO splinters. It also provides composite deck design options you can’t get with wood.

At Archadeck of Colorado Springs, we’ll work closely with you to learn your lifestyle needs and design style to create a backyard with a deck that fits your requirements. None of the decisions need to be made alone, and our experts will help you every step of the way. We look forward to working with you. If you’re ready to get started, call today for a free design consultation.