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Is winter a good time to build my Colorado deck?

There are three reasons why winter is a great time to build.

Does the chill of winter have you daydreaming about warmer months to come? You might be looking forward to all that the fun in the sun has to offer on a new Archadeck deck! While your mind might be on all that there is to enjoy in the spring and summer, would you be surprised to learn that we love building in the winter? Let your expert Monument deck builder tell you why!

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Build your one-of-a-kind deck in the winter and have it ready for spring and summer fun!

Choose Archadeck of Colorado Springs to guide you when selecting a good time to build your deck. While building outdoor living spaces may be popular in the spring and summer months, there are many benefits to building your deck in the winter. Building in the winter means waiting less time to enjoy your new space, being able to use your deck when you want to, and potentially improved material performance when your deck is installed.

Build your deck with a trusted Monument deck builder in the winter and have it ready to use in the spring!

Having built hundreds of outdoor living spaces, Archadeck knows that most homeowners want their projects built as soon as that fresh spring air hits. With spring being our busiest time of year for contracting and building new spaces, we face increased lead times for getting new projects on our schedule. Many other factors can impact project timelines including permitting, inspections, HOA approvals, deliveries, and more. Build in the winter with your expert Monument deck builder and have your deck ready to enjoy as soon as you are!

Build in the winter and face fewer disruptions to your yard when you want to use it the most.

Adding a new deck to your outdoor space means your yard will be under construction. Between material deliveries, the building process, and cleanup, your yard will not be usable for a period of time. Would you rather enjoy barbeques and bonfires on your deck in the spring and summer or have it under construction? Also, remember landscaping and planting will be affected when building your deck. Build your deck in the winter to have the construction process done and out of the way in the colder months so you can live life on it just in time for spring.

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Have your deck and backyard ready to use in the warm months when you build now.

Take advantage of less wear on your decking when you build in the winter.

Did you know adding a wood deck in the winter may be more beneficial than building in the warmer months? Wood decks enjoy cooler, dryer conditions when built in the winter compared to the spring or summer. The cooler weather slows down the drying time and allows the pressure-treated-pine to adapt to weather conditions. This lowers the risk of the wood material cupping or warping which means less for you to maintain!

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A natural wood deck could benefit from being built in the winter.

Are you thinking of adding a new deck to your outdoor living space to have ready in the spring? Your Monument deck builder is ready to hear from you! Call Archadeck of Colorado Springs to schedule your complimentary design consultation.