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Colorado Springs Pergola Ideas to Inspire Every Homeowner

Finding the perfect Colorado Springs pergola idea to meet your precise outdoor living needs could be a lengthy process. Styles, colors, sizes, materials all vary dramatically. When you choose Archadeck of Colorado Springs as your pergola builder, you don’t have to find “the one.” Our team will custom design a pergola just for you!

Mix and match from a plethora of ideas for a one-of-a-kind pergola to meet your outdoor living needs. While we could never show you every possibility in a blog, check out some of the most popular pergola options below.

Colorado Springs Pergola Ideas


Colorado Springs Pergola Ideas | Archadeck of Colorado Springs

Pergolas can go almost anywhere. They can be free-standing or attached to a house or porch roof. An attached pergola can give you a back porch feeling, while a free-standing pergola can add whimsy and fun to any portion of your property.


Colorado Springs Pergola Ideas | Archadeck of Colorado Springs

Popular places to build a pergola include over a deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, hot tub, poolside, or even over an outdoor gaming area. Pergolas provide partial shade, but they also define spaces. So if you’d like to create a separate adjoining space outdoors, a pergola is a perfect way to accomplish that.


Colorado Springs Pergola Ideas | Archadeck of Colorado Springs

Pergolas are not limited to right angles. Popular shapes include, but are not limited to, rectangle, square, hexagon, curved, round, and more. We’ve even seen a pergola used over a long covered walkway to provide shade and create a unique ambiance.


Colorado Springs Pergola Ideas | Archadeck of Colorado Springs

With a few adjustments in rafter, beam, or column shapes, plus the use of highly stylized accent brackets, a variety of looks can be achieved. Let our team know your preferences from rustic, modern, decorative, Craftsman, Celtic, Viking, Japanese, and more. Our team will advise you accordingly to achieve the desired result.


Your pergola material choice used to be highly dependent on the style you were going for. But today’s building suppliers have made low-maintenance pergola ownership for everyone. No matter if you want a rustic or modern look you can choose from pressure-treated pine, cedar, aluminum, vinyl, or composite materials.

Pergola Accessories to Consider

Pergolas happen to be an awesome outdoor living feature that can be expanded upon with accessories. Pergolas provide a lovely space to add lights, fans, entertainment, and more. Check out this quick list of potential accessories you can add to your pergola.

  • Increase shade
    • Colorado Springs Pergola Ideas | Archadeck of Colorado SpringsGrow wisteria, ivy, or your favorite climbing plants for additional shade.
    • Add fabric in louvers for increased UV protection.
    • Pull double duty for shade and rain protection with a UV blocking panel in PVC, fiberglass, or polycarbonate.
  • Enhance privacy
    • Custom privacy screens on one or more sides.
    • Hang curtains for style and enhanced privacy.
  • Cool it down by hanging a ceiling fan(s) for increased airflow.
  • Flexible accessorizing is possible if you ask our team to run electrical outlets for all of your small electronics, audio, and visual equipment. Pergola columns and roofs are a perfect place for adding outlets.

Check out all the pergola ideas in our gallery, and then give us a call. Schedule a complimentary design consultation. Our team will walk you through all your options to get you on your way to enjoying your outdoor living space even more.