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Choose Archadeck to be your Pikes Peak deck builder this fall or winter!

As a premier Pikes Peak deck builder, not only do we know the best ways to build a high-quality deck, we know the best time of year to build one too! As you can imagine, many homeowners think spring and summer are the best seasons for outdoor building. After all, we love our barbeques, sunbathing, and warm sunsets in the spring and summer, so why not build a custom outdoor space then, too?

Would it surprise you to know that fall and winter are actually ideal seasons to build your beautiful, custom deck? While these seasons typically go hand-in-hand with staying warm and cozy inside, the fall and winter are just as worthy of outdoor entertainment as spring and summer and come with many other building benefits.

As your experienced Pikes Peak deck builder, Archadeck knows the best time to build.

We know first-hand that most homeowners want their projects built at the same time – in the spring! The season for renewal and awakening sparks many homeowners’ desires for home projects. Often, we hear homeowners tell us they have been saving for their deck project for years and don’t want to spend another summer without their outdoor space. As a reputable Pikes Peak deck builder, spring and summer are our highest volume months for building. What exactly does that mean? The busier we become, the longer lead times we have for starting projects. Commissioning your project and building in the fall or winter means constructing your deck sooner, so you don’t have to spend another spring or summer without it!

Deck and firepit

Isn’t it too cold to build a deck in the winter?

You may be surprised to hear that we build outdoor living spaces for the better part of the year. While many may think that it may be too cold to build in the winter months (despite having a few Christmases with the sliding door open), our milder winters are perfectly suitable for construction. Why not build a gorgeous deck with pergola in the fall to have it ready in time for the holiday festivities?

It might pay to build a deck in the fall or winter.

Manufacturers will have annual price increases. If you wait until next year to contract your deck project with us, you may take on higher costs due to increased prices for framing, lumber, or other materials. Contracting your project with us in the fall or winter avoids these possible price increases, potentially putting more money in your pocket – a huge perk around holiday shopping time!


Extend life outdoors a little longer with your most-trusted Pikes Peak deck builder.

At Archadeck of Colorado Springs, we recognize that fall and winter seasons bring unique delight to outdoor living. Why not take advantage of charming falls and mild winters outdoors? Can you imagine sitting on your grand deck space with built-in seating as falling golden leaves adorn your yard? Want the best seat in the yard during the season’s first snowfall? Throw on a sweater and grab a mug of cocoa and your loved ones to gather round the built-in firepit on your one-of-a-kind deck. Ambient holiday lights strung through a custom pergola on your deck are sure to make the kids’ faces light up and give you the best backyard on the block!

Are you searching for a Pikes Peak deck builder to build the deck of your dreams? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at (719) 356-3608 to schedule your complimentary design consultation.