Nails or Screws: Which is More Effective for Building a Deck?

When building a deck, your number one concern should be safety. In order to follow safety guidelines for deck building, you should consider what types of materials will offer you the strongest and most stout structure. While some deck builders maintain that using nails is more cost-effective, using bolts and screws to assemble your deck gives the structure a stronger integrity. When you consider the fact that deck collapses have been an issue in the U.S. this year because of substandard construction and cheap materials, using the materials and a deck builder that will offer you and your family a safer structure is vital.

While you do not have to choose nails over screws or vice-versa, it is important to understand how each plays a factor in the structural integrity of your deck. While nails are suitable for laying deck boards, a knowledgeable deck company professional will understand that large screws and bolts are necessary for the support beams that give the structure its strength. This is because the ridges on bolts provide a more solid grip on the wood.

When you hire a deck builder to construct your deck or any other outdoor structure, you should ask about their intended use of both nails and screws, and how each of them will affect its strength. The safety of your home and family is always a paramount concern, so before you choose to have a deck built or hire any kind of contractor, you should ask about their process and the kinds of materials they use to ensure that they follow recommended safety guidelines.

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