Archadeck's independent owner/operators are held to the highest professional standards

"...honest and professional...and the guys were courteous, organized, and punctual..."

  • Lofty professional building standards.
  • Quality and accuracy protocols.
  • Professional code of conduct and values.
  • Insurance and warranty protection.
  • Nationally praised by peers, suppliers and the media.


Archadeck is a large, highly respected company that's been honored with scads of positive media coverage. We spend a great deal of time and effort working with our local owner/operators to assure they are capable of living up to the highest professional standards.

Each and every independent Archadeck contractor is required to follow our high-quality building protocols, professional code of conduct, quality-assurance procedures, and a litany of business standards and best practices. Any contractors that do not comply would risk losing their coveted spot in the Archadeck network.

As an Archadeck customer, you can expect to be treated to the highest level of service. Your inquiries will be answered promptly, your concerns will be addressed, all required permits will typically be secured for you, workers on your property will be properly insured, and your project will be protected by a warranty and guarantee.

During your project, construction debris will be picked up from your property, workers will conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner, and you'll be given the opportunity to join the supervisor in a final inspection to ensure that every detail has been addressed to your complete satisfaction.

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Building a new deck
Replacing an existing deck
Adding a sunroom
Adding a screened porch
Creating shaded areas
Designing an outdoor kitchen
Adding a hardscape, paver patio or walkway
Creating a design plan for my outdoor space