3-Season Room Surrounded by Deck
3-Season Room Surrounded by Deck
3-Season Room Surrounded by Deck

A beautiful project that was constructed on a new deck. The addition compliments the house and the surroundings, finished with retaining wall and plantings.

Pros at wood deck design and construction.
"Until we met Archadeck we thought a deck was a deck."
– Customer in Charlotte, NC

  • Deck designs that make the most of each wood.
  • Expert advice on wood selection.
  • A full wood selection: from pressure-treated lumber to exotic hardwoods.
  • You get the most deck for your dollar.

Working with wood is as much an art as a science. In addition to accommodating varying expansion and design factors, we consider how to best showcase the distinctive features of any given wood. Thoughtful construction details, like having the grain go against the traffic pattern (to reduce the potential for splinters on bare feet), can make a big difference.

Your local Archadeck owner/operator will help you select a wood that meets your budget, your taste and the conditions of your location. And he or she will work with you to find a way to make your dream deck an affordable reality. A little scaling back here and cantilevering there may mean you can afford the Ipe decking you adore.

While we have experience working with virtually every wood, the woods best suited for most of today’s decks are:

(Cedar and redwood can also be used in some applications. However, shade and moisture can be particularly detrimental to these woods, so location is a key factor. Both woods are extremely attractive and lay nice and flat. But cedar is soft and easily scratched, and it tends to lose its warm wood beauty more quickly-after 10 years or so. Redwood was once a popular deck choice, but it’s currently going up in price and down in quality. Both redwood and cedar require regular treatment to maintain their natural rot resistance.)

When we design a deck, we’re always striving to give you the most "oo la la" for your "moola la." And we know that what’s important to you might not be important to someone else. Some people want square footage. Others would gladly sacrifice space for fancy trim and dramatic angles. That’s why we take the time to understand your unique needs and design the deck that’s perfect for you–in the most affordable configuration possible.

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