Mahogany Hardwood Deck with trellis
Mahogany Hardwood Deck with trellis
Mahogany Hardwood Deck with trellis
Exotic hardwood decks that let the wood’s beauty shine through.
"An outstanding design that exceeded my expectations."
– Customer in Wayland, MA

  • Exotic hardwoods are naturally strong, and typically scratch resistant.
  • Exotic hardwoods naturally resist rot and insects.
  • The tight wood grain produces a rich, smooth deck surface of unmatched beauty.
  • The life expectancy of exotic hardwoods is generally 25years or more.
  • Hidden fastener systems make the most of the wood’s beauty.

Absolutely nothing comes close to the rich look and feel of an exotic hardwood deck. Originating in harsh, damp, insect-infested rainforests, exotic hardwood trees need to be rot and insect resistant, and super-strong just to survive. The wood maintains those qualities after harvesting.

Most exotic hardwoods are many times harder and more scratch resistant than pressure-treated wood. Their superior strength produces decks that are as sturdy as they are beautiful. When designing a hardwood deck, Archadeck always seeks to maximize the visual impact of the wood’s natural beauty.

While teak, mahogany and Ipe are the better known varieties, many different species of exotic hardwoods are available. All require different installation than pressure-treated wood. For instance, most exotic hardwoods need to have pre-drilled holes to avoid splitting the wood.

Like all wood, tropical hardwoods need to be treated regularly. Usually, treatment with an oil sealer is recommended. The sealer may prolong the wood’s original warm tones, but over time most exotic hardwoods will eventually weather to an attractive, silvery-grey patina.

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